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Podcast: Risk Management - Breast Cancer, Business and Patents

30 June 2014
Appeared in BioNews 760

Does the pharmaceutical and biotech industry's profit motive actually pervert rather than inspire innovation and the hunt for new therapies? Is the patent system well suited to a new life sciences landscape including stem cell and gene therapies?

What will be the impact of the famous Myriad case, where the US Supreme Court effectively ruled against companies patenting gene sequences as they occur in nature? And, focusing on breast cancer, is Angelina Jolie's assertion that 'the cost of testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2...remains an obstacle for many women' justified?

This podcast features interviews on those questions with the four people - two intellectual property (IP) specialists, an expert in genetics and insurance and a former patient - who spoke at the Progress Educational Trust (PET)'s event 'Risk Management: Breast Cancer, Business and Patents', part of the Wellcome Trust-supported project 'Breast Cancer: Chances, Choices and Genetics'.

Listen to the podcast using the player below, or alternatively download it by clicking here (.mp3 14.9MB).

00:00 James Brooks: Introduction
02:15 Jenny Dunlop: Commercialisation of breast cancer, the pharma industry and
06:00 Dr Ian Cox: Genetics and insurance
09:10 Dr Angela Kukula: IP; the Myriad case; academia/ industry partnerships
13:40 Alexander Denoon: IP and mechanisms to reward innovation in life sciences
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