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The industrial application of biological processes, particularly DNA technology and genetic engineering.

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Dispute resumes as US patent office re-examines CRISPR invention 1 July 2019 News
Radio Review: Biohacking – BBC Radio 4 10 September 2018 Review
Sequencing company proposes trading genetic information for cryptocurrency 12 February 2018 News
Genetic 'sensor' spots and kill cells with key cancer gene 20 November 2017 News
We need to talk about... CRISPR 21 August 2017 Comment
How new 'molecular scissors' may give crisper CRISPR 10 July 2017 News
Biotech companies criticise CRISPR mutation study 19 June 2017 News
Donor-conceived people do benefit from being told about their conception 30 May 2017 Comment
FDA approves home genetic tests for 10 diseases 10 April 2017 News
Broad Institute CRISPR patents upheld 20 February 2017 News
US scientists create first human-pig embryo chimeras 30 January 2017 News
Book Review: Redesigning Life – How Genome Editing will Transform the World 7 November 2016 Review
Old drugs: new eggs? 7 November 2016 Comment
Fourteen genes predict cancer response to therapy 5 September 2016 News
Chinese scientists to begin first human CRISPR trial 25 July 2016 News
US Supreme Court blocks review of Sequenom patent appeal 4 July 2016 News
Radio Review: Dangerous Visions - Brave New World 6 June 2016 Review
Video Review: TED talk - Should you be able to patent a human gene? 14 March 2016 Review
Row breaks out over 'official history' of CRISPR 25 January 2016 News
US starts formal investigation into CRISPR patents 18 January 2016 News
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