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Gene patent

A patent on a specific gene sequence, its chemical composition, and/or processes for obtaining or using it.

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Video Review: TED talk - Should you be able to patent a human gene? 14 March 2016 Review
US starts formal investigation into CRISPR patents 18 January 2016 News
Cancer patient appeals gene patenting decision 22 June 2015 News
Advocate General paves the way for 'stem cell patents' 21 July 2014 News
Podcast: Risk Management - Breast Cancer, Business and Patents 30 June 2014 Comment
Biotech vows to 'defend women's rights' by contesting Myriad lawsuit 23 June 2014 News
Risk Management: Breast Cancer, Business and Patents 9 June 2014 Comment
Breast cancer: breaking the chain 28 May 2014 Comment
Myriad sues companies for infringing on BRCA test patents 15 July 2013 News
Human embryonic stem cell patent challenged 8 July 2013 News
The sun still hasn't set on gene patents 1 July 2013 Comment
An historical turning point? The implications of the Myriad decision on the patentability of human genes 24 June 2013 Comment
US Supreme Court: Human DNA is a 'product of nature' and cannot be patented 17 June 2013 News
Update to article: Fertility expert condemns 'outrageous' IVF cell cycle patent 3 June 2013 News
Companies hold patents on entire human genome 8 April 2013 News
Patentability of isolated DNA in the Australian context: Cancer Voices Australia vs Myriad Genetics Inc 18 March 2013 Comment
Myriad Genetics wins gene patent bid in landmark Australian ruling 18 February 2013 News
Fifty shades of Gray's Inn Road 3 December 2012 Comment
Myriad Genetics holding genetic data as trade secrets 5 November 2012 News
US Supreme Court asked to reconsider gene patents 1 October 2012 News
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