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Dr Katie Howe

Dr Katie Howe is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and Research Communications Manager at a London hospital. She obtained her PhD from University College London, where she worked with Professor John Carroll and Dr Greg FitzHarris on the mechanisms of chromosome segregation in mammalian oocytes and embryos. Previously she studied Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry at the University of Oxford, where she worked with Dr John Parrington on the role of a novel sperm protein at fertilisation. She previously worked as Science Engagement Manager at the British Library. She tweets as @KatieAHowe

BioNews News articles written by Dr Katie Howe:
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Embryos often develop into healthy babies despite aneuploid genetic tests
1 June 2021 - by Dr Katie Howe
Some of the faulty embryos currently ruled out for use in IVF can self-correct and lead to healthy pregnancies, research has revealed..
Missing link shows how stress affects infertility
14 December 2020 - by Dr Katie Howe
Nerve cells near the base of the brain play a key role in linking stress and fertility, according to new research... [Read More]
Stem cell capsules repair heart damage in rats
24 August 2020 - by Dr Katie Howe
US researchers have developed a new way to heal damaged heart tissue by implanting capsules containing stem cells near to the heart... [Read More]
Delay in IVF treatment up to 180 days does not affect success rates
6 July 2020 - by Dr Katie Howe
Women who wait up to six months for fertility treatment have similar rates of live births to those who are treated within three months, according to data from an IVF clinic in the US... [Read More]
UK initiative to sequence coronavirus patient genomes
18 May 2020 - by Dr Katie Howe
Thirty-five thousand people in the UK with COVID-19 will have their genetic code analysed to understand how a person's genes affect how they react to the virus... [Read More]
Fresh donor eggs better for IVF than frozen
17 February 2020 - by Dr Katie Howe
Using fresh donated eggs for IVF leads to slightly better birth outcomes than frozen, according to the largest comparison of fresh and frozen donor eggs for IVF to date... [Read More]
Diet has rapid effects on sperm quality
6 January 2020 - by Dr Katie Howe
Diet can influence sperm quality after just a few weeks according to a small study from Sweden's Linkoping University... [Read More]
US bid to take action against 'fertility' supplements
25 November 2019 - by Dr Katie Howe
A health watchdog group have petitioned US regulators to take action against the manufacturers of 39 dietary supplements that claim to aid fertility... [Read More]
Sperm counts higher in men who eat a Mediterranean diet
27 October 2019 - by Dr Katie Howe
Men who follow a Mediterranean-style diet have higher sperm counts than men who eat unhealthily, according to a small new research study... [Read More]
Lack of vaginal bacteria linked to ovarian cancer
15 July 2019 - by Dr Katie Howe
Women who have fewer protective bacteria in the vagina may be at increased risk of developing ovarian cancer, according to new research... [Read More]