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The fusion of male and female gametes to form a zygote.

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Ectogenesis: ethical challenges in creating artificial wombs 12 April 2021 Comment
Gene that guides egg points to cause of ectopic pregnancy 1 March 2021 News
Obituary: Professor Lewis Wolpert, renowned developmental biologist 1 February 2021 News
Female's cervical mucus selects best sperm 24 August 2020 News
HFEA publishes 2018 trends in fertility treatment 6 July 2020 News
3D sperm imaging could improve ICSI 18 May 2020 News
Transgender parents announce birth of baby girl 11 May 2020 News
Hungary to provide free fertility treatment to boost population 20 January 2020 News
Association between embryo freezing and cancer risk in children 16 December 2019 News
World's first baby carried as an embryo in two wombs has been born 9 December 2019 News
Wellcome fund initiative to unravel how human embryos develop 29 July 2019 News
'Secret handshake' between sperm and uterus 22 July 2019 News
ICSI no better than IVF for routine infertility cases 26 June 2019 News
Sperm tail-tracking method could help fertility testing 10 June 2019 News
US scientists push for mitochondrial donation legalisation 29 April 2019 News
First baby born in mitochondrial donation for infertility trial 15 April 2019 News
Italian IVF clinic violated woman's human rights by forcing pregnancy 1 April 2019 News
Revolutionising reproduction: the future of fertility treatment 25 March 2019 Comment
'Older' sperm produce healthier offspring 18 February 2019 News
Video Review: A groundbreaking way to stop mitochondrial disease – TedMed 29 October 2018 Review
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