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King's College London - Health: More than a medical matter

Sarah Norcross
Commissioning Editor

Sarah Norcross

Sarah Norcross is Commissioning Editor of BioNews and Director of the charity that publishes it, the Progress Educational Trust (PET). She is also a Member of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority's National Donation Strategy Group, the Education, Engagement and Training Working Group of the UK Government's Human Genomics Strategy Group, the National Infertility Awareness Campaign's Committee, the National Gamete Donation Trust's Advisory Council, the Association of Fertility Patient Organisations, Transnational Reproduction's Research Advisory Group, and the Advisory Group for the project Assessing Child Welfare under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act: The New Law at the University of Kent's Centre for Parenting Culture Studies. She was previously a Member of the National Genetics Education and Development Centre's Steering Group.

Sarah chaired and coordinated the steering group of clinicians, scientists, patient support groups and medical research charities which fed into policy for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 as it passed through both Houses of Parliament, and she continued this role during the implementation of the Act by the UK Government's Department of Health and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. Together with Sandy Starr she organises PET's public engagement events, and she regularly attends other organisations' events with a view to commissioning comment pieces for BioNews. Previously she worked as a Barrister carrying out advocacy in the civil and criminal courts on the Northern Circuit, and as Vice Chair of the Daisy Network Premature Menopause Support Group.


BioNews Comment articles written by Sarah Norcross:

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We are not afraid

27 January 2014 - by Sarah Norcross

PET is delighted to receive a testimonial from John Harris, professor of bioethics at the University of Manchester... [Read More]

'Ignorance and prejudice should not be allowed to dictate the outcome'

20 January 2014 - by Sarah Norcross

PET needs your help to continue to inform the debate on the ethical issues surrounding genetics, assisted conception and stem cell and embryo research so that 'ignorance and prejudice do not dictate the outcome'... [Read More]

Want a break from Cyber Monday?

02 December 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

Here's a great way to help BioNews, meaning that we receive a little gift with every purchase you make... [Read More]

700 and counting

15 April 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

Welcome to the 700th edition of BioNews. The hyperbole we were planning to use to celebrate this landmark no longer seems appropriate given the sad news of the death of Professor Sir Robert Edwards - or just 'Bob', as he was known - on Wednesday.... [Read More]

Genetic Chan-ges

08 April 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

This week's edition of BioNews sees a new Genetics Editor, Siobhan Chan, at the controls.... [Read More]

Poll: When It Takes More Than Two

18 March 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

Over the past few months, the charity that publishes BioNews - the Progress Educational Trust (PET) - has been running a Wellcome Trust supported project about donor conception entitled 'When It Takes More Than Two'.... [Read More]

Securing our future

28 January 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

Last Thursday at the Progress Educational Trust (PET) debate Receiving: The Recipient Parent Perspective, I joked that I didn't know who had the most secure job - Juliet Tizzard, who is Head of Policy and Communications at the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), or me.... [Read More]

Thinking caps on!

21 January 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

The office from which we at the Progress Educational Trust (PET) publish BioNews does not have central heating. It's therefore unsurprising, perhaps, that conversation in the office this icy morning moved quickly from bioethics and the contents of today's edition of BioNews to thermal long johns and how best to keep warm.... [Read More]

The fiscal cliff

14 January 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

The fiscal cliff featured prominently in the news over Christmas and the New Year. At first I thought that is was some PR story and that Cliff Richard had been rebranded and 'Mistletoe and Wine' would be reissued with the latest X Factor winner... [Read More]


07 January 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

Happy New Year to all our readers! New Year's resolutions usually involve cutting back on the 'bad' habits and increasing the 'good' ones... [Read More]

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BioNews Review articles written by Sarah Norcross:

Book Review: Telling and Talking with Friends and Family/Our Family

19 August 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

These Donor Conception Network booklets can certainly help with preparing to tell friends and family about donor conception, but it's a shame that there is a need for people to be told how to be considerate to others and that there still seems to be a stigma attached to infertility... [Read More]

Event Review: Patients Have the Right for an Anonymous Donor

29 July 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

Given that the Progress Educational Trust (PET) has just completed a project on gamete donation I was more than intrigued about this debate, but was left disappointed... [Read More]

Book Review: Mixed Blessings - Building a Family with and without Donor Help

06 June 2012 - by Sarah Norcross

A booklet full of advice and case studies, this will be a useful book for all those creating a family, as well as for those who work with them - particularly fertility counsellors... [Read More]

Event Review: The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 - A Multidisciplinary Workshop

31 January 2011 - by Sarah Norcross

When the invitation to this event dropped into my inbox, I immediately replied 'yes please'. This academic workshop of around 30 participants covered the legislative and policymaking process, and subsequent impact of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology (HFE) Act 2008... [Read More]

TV Review: Cutting Edge - My Weird and Wonderful Family

26 July 2010 - by Sarah Norcross

'Cutting Edge goes behind the headlines to intimately portray how gay millionaires Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow's determination to have more children has affected them and their kids' said the teaser on the Channel 4 website. If I hadn't known this programme involved surrogacy, I would have dismissed it as yet another reality show about out-of-control children... [Read More]

Book Review: Faith and Fertility - Attitudes Towards Reproductive Practices in Different Religions from Ancient to Modern Times

12 April 2010 - by Sarah Norcross

First as a reviewer of this book I have a declaration of interest (or lack thereof): I have no faith.... [Read More]

Book Review: Marginalised Reproduction - Ethnicity, Infertility and Reproductive Technologies

08 March 2010 - by Sarah Norcross

When leading family researcher Professor Susan Golombok says a book is 'important and highly illuminating' and 'it should be read by everyone with a connection to the field', I thought I should add it to my 'to do' list... [Read More]

Book Review: Reproductive Ageing

21 December 2009 - by Sarah Norcross

The first question I asked when picking up this book was: What is the image on the cover? Closer inspection and the power of Google revealed it is a dried poppy head (somniferum papaver) not, as I first thought, the egg from Alien - the science fiction horror film. What message does this convey?

BioNews News articles written by Sarah Norcross:

Obituary: Professor Sir Robert Edwards

10 April 2013 - by Sarah Norcross

Professor Sir Robert Edwards (27 September 1925-10 April 2013) has died after a long illness.... [Read More]

UK has new minister responsible for fertility and embryology

25 May 2010 - by Sarah Norcross

Following the general election in the UK and the formation of the new coalition government, Anne Milton MP has become the new Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health and so is the Government Minister responsible for fertility and embryology. She is the Conservative MP for Guildford - a seat which she won from the Liberal Democrats in 2005.... [Read More]

HFEA publishes new sperm and egg donor figures

03 August 2009 - by Sarah Norcross

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) published new figures showing the number of new egg and sperm donors registered in 2008. The figures published on 31 July 2009 show that the number of both sperm and egg donors has increased.... [Read More]

Congratulations Clare

15 June 2009 - by Sarah Norcross

Clare Lewis-Jones, Chief Executive of Infertility Network UK (I N UK) and More to Life, the largest national charity providing help, support and information to those suffering the effects of infertility, has been awarded a MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for her services to healthcare.... [Read More]

500 Fivers Appeal: BioNews needs you!

18 May 2009 - by Sarah Norcross

BioNews is published by the Progress Educational Trust a small UK registered charity which battles for funding to keep BioNews in operation and free of charge. Back in January we launched the 500 Fivers Appeal to coincide with the publication of... [Read More]

Give us your Jobs!

08 September 2008 - by Sarah Norcross

The Progress Educational Trust (PET) is delighted to announce a new service from BioNews: a 'jobs' section. Today's issue of BioNews contains PET's first job advertisement, placed and paid for by the Human Genetics Commission. Why has PET decided to do this? Like many small charities, PET struggles to find... [Read More]

Progress Educational Trust commends biosciences OBE winner

16 June 2008 - by Sarah Norcross

Progress Educational Trust would like to congratulate Dr Simon Best, who has been awarded an OBE for his services to the bioscience industry. Simon Best is founder and Chairman of Ardana Bioscience, based in Edinburgh, specialising in human reproductive biology and is a... [Read More]



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