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100,000 Genomes Project hits landmark sequencing goal
10 December 2018 - by Shaoni Bhattacharya
The UK reached its goal of sequencing 100,000 patient genomes last week... [Read More]
Cambodia releases detained surrogates
10 December 2018 - by Eleanor Lynam
Thirty-two Cambodian women charged with human trafficking for acting as surrogates have been released on bail on the condition that they keep the children... [Read More]
Epigenetics may give 'universal' cancer test
10 December 2018 - by Charlott Repschlager
Australian researchers have developed a cancer test, which could potentially detect cancerous DNA in blood and tissue samples in under 10 minutes... [Read More]
BioNews Christmas Appeal – We Need Your Help
10 December 2018 - by Sarah Norcross
Thanks to all of you who have made a donation to our Christmas Appeal. We have yet to reach our target’ so please donate if you have not already done so - all donations, whatever their size, are gratefully received and really do make a difference to a small charity like the Progress Educational Trust (PET)... [Read More]
New science, new families, old law: is the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act fit for purpose?
10 December 2018 - by Sir James Munby
Keynote Presentation at the Annual Conference of the Progress Educational Trust, 5 December 2018... [Read More]
Why the UK High Court has granted non-parentage in a case of embryo adoption
10 December 2018 - by Anest Mathias
The High Court has granted a declaration of non-parentage, in a case where an unmarried couple had a baby using embryo adoption in Spain... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Mike Stratton and cancer genes - The Life Scientific (BBC Radio 4)
3 December 2018 - by Nana Mensah
Question: can you name a single breast cancer gene? If we surveyed the public, BRCA would be my bet for the most common reply... [Read More]
Book Review: Good Quality - The Routinisation of Sperm Banking in China
26 November 2018 - by Dr Sarah Martins da Silva
'Good Quality' by Professor Ayo Wahlberg is a fascinating description of sperm donation in China, based on his fieldwork conducted between 2007-2014. Anyone familiar with donor programmes will recognise the challenges of sperm donor recruitment, retention and quality assurance described, although Professor Wahlberg argues that this, set within China's cultural, juridical, economic and social landscape, has resulted in a unique style of sperm banking... [Read More]
Film Review: Private Life (Netflix)
12 November 2018 - by Rachel Siden
After watching the trailer for the 2018 Netflix film Private Life, I was expecting a dramatic, yet funny and heartfelt tale about a couple struggling to have a child via assisted reproduction, who eventually discover that the family around them is all they truly needed to be happy... [Read More]