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Functional sperm developed from mouse pluripotent stem cells
13 September 2021 - by Purvi Shah
Researchers in Japan have successfully demonstrated the development of functional sperm cells that developed into fertile offspring from pluripotent embryonic stem cells, in mice... [Read More]
Gene identified that plays a key role in severity of colon cancer
13 September 2021 - by Manon Everard
A lack of a specific gene in immune cells of patients with colon cancer has been linked with a much more dangerous form of the disease... [Read More]
Mini CRISPR-associated protein developed by bioengineers
13 September 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Potential applications of CRISPR could be broadened by a new miniature version of the genome editing approach... [Read More]
FILM: Egg Freezing – Stopping the Clock
13 September 2021 - by BioNews
As the UK Government announces its intention to extend gamete and embryo storage limits, watch this short film about the campaign that led to this announcement – the #ExtendTheLimit campaign, led by the Progress Educational Trust... [Read More]
From ten to 55 years, what does the extension in the storage time on frozen eggs mean?
13 September 2021 - by Dr Kylie Baldwin
After several years of campaigning to #extendthelimit on the storage period of eggs frozen for social reasons, I like many welcomed the recent government announcement to change the maximum storage time from ten years to a maximum of 55 years... [Read More]
After our campaign, egg storage law comes out of the cold
6 September 2021 - by Sarah Norcross
We at the Progress Educational Trust are delighted that our #ExtendTheLimit campaign, to extend the ten-year storage limit for eggs frozen for non-medical or 'social' reasons, has succeeded – insofar as it now has Government backing... [Read More]
Book Review: Fertility Issues
13 September 2021 - by Susan Tranfield-Thomas
Fertility Issues is one of a series of educational booklets from Independence Educational Publishers, aimed at children aged over 11 in key stages 3, 4, and above, which aims to present and explore contemporary social issues in an unbiased way... [Read More]
Film Review: Mimi
13 September 2021 - by Daniel Jacobson
I have recently become obsessed with an intriguing phenomenon known as 'twin films'... [Read More]
Book Review: DNA Demystified – Unravelling the double helix
6 September 2021 - by Eleanor Taylor
DNA seems to have a celebrity-like status within the public media sphere. It is used to catch the 'bad guys', resolve paternity disputes and tell you what medical conditions you are predisposed to... [Read More]