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BioNews, published by the Progress Educational Trust (PET), provides news and comment on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. You can subscribe to the BioNews email newsletter for free.

'Couch potato' mice reveal that epigenetics affects urge to exercise
9 December 2019 - by Melanie Krause
For the first time US researchers have shown that not only genetics but a different level of developmental regulation called epigenetics impacts the innate drive of mice to exercise... [Read More]
IVF clinics accused of 'embezzling' cash from desperate patients
9 December 2019 - by Georgia Everett
IVF clinics are seemingly 'embezzling' money from vulnerable patients by offering them unnecessary expensive add-ons to their treatment, according to a fertility expert... [Read More]
Junk DNA may affect cancer risk
9 December 2019 - by Dr Nicoletta Charolidi
Scientists have found that genetic variation in regions of DNA that do not code for proteins, previously characterised as 'junk DNA', may affect a person's risk to develop a form of inherited cancer... [Read More]
FILM: Surrogacy - Do We Need Global Guidelines?
13 December 2019 - by
In this film, Sarah Norcross - director of the Progress Educational Trust, the charity that publishes BioNews - discusses global surrogacy... [Read More]
Human genome editing: What about the protection of egg donors in research?
9 December 2019 - by Dr Patrick Foong
It's just over a year since Dr He Jiankui's controversial announcement that he had created the world's first genome-edited babies... [Read More]
Does fertility treatment still need to be a medical secret?
2 December 2019 - by Charlott Repschlager
The latest meeting organised by the Progress Educational Trust asked the question 'Does fertility treatment still need to be a medical secret?' The event in Edinburgh last week, held in partnership with the Scottish Government, took place off the Royal Mile - through a narrow alleyway in Riddle's Court, one of the many old and imposing buildings scattered through the city... [Read More]
Book Review: Eastern and Western Perspectives on Surrogacy
9 December 2019 - by Rita D'Alton-Harrison
To prohibit or not to prohibit? To profit or not to profit? These are questions fundamental to the regulation of surrogacy but are not questions that you will find fully answered in this book... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Artificial wombs and the promise for premature babies – Science Weekly, The Guardian
9 December 2019 - by Helen Robertson
The concept of growing a baby in an engineered environment, or an 'artificial womb', perhaps seems more suited to a sci-fi movie than a real-life medical scenario... [Read More]
Podcast Review: 'Designer Genes', Babbage (The Economist)
2 December 2019 - by Isobel Steer
When we think of designer babies, we may think of genome-edited babies with their DNA cut and spliced, perhaps using CRISPR... [Read More]