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Controlling the immune system with 'invisible stem' cells
18 January 2021 - by Dr Rosie Morley
A new way of controlling the immune system's 'natural killer' cells has been identified, which could help prevent rejection of transplanted cells... [Read More]
Epigenetic changes in sperm may predict autism in children
18 January 2021 - by Dr Joanne Delange
Biomarkers in human sperm have been discovered that may specify whether a father is likely to have a child with autism... [Read More]
Genomics traces COVID-19 transmission chains in the UK
18 January 2021 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
Genomic epidemiological analysis of the initial UK COVID-19 outbreak has allowed a team of researchers to accurately characterise the early chains of transmission throughout the country... [Read More]
An All-Consuming Problem? How to Protect Patients in the Fertility Market
18 January 2021 - by Dr Ëlo Luik
The first online event held by the Progress Educational Trust (PET) in 2021 was 'An All-Consuming Problem? How to Protect Patients in the Fertility Market'... [Read More]
Identifying the risk of low ovarian response during repeat IVF – implications for fertility treatment provision during the COVID-19 pandemic
18 January 2021 - by Dr Thanos Papathanasiou
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased workload for assisted conception clinics world-wide... [Read More]
The impact of COVID-19 on oocytes
11 January 2021 - by Dr Rita Vassena
In the last year, it has become painfully apparent that the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, while initially targeting the respiratory system, can affect several tissues and organs and result in a plethora of symptoms and sequelae... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Sick – 50 Percent Different
18 January 2021 - by Tsvetana Stoilova
'I felt like my mom had been raped.' This feeling was brought about because of how some women were treated in the 1980s by their fertility doctors, whom they fully trusted would help them have a baby... [Read More]
Book Review: Songs for my Unborn Children
11 January 2021 - by Rachel Bowlby
Kate Bentley's diary-like, poem-like 'songs' about trying to stay pregnant appear along with the story of their own long gestation... [Read More]
App Review: MyJourney
14 December 2020 - by Tracey Sainsbury
The MyJourney app, developed by Dr Sofia Gameiro and her team at Cardiff University, together with Portuguese and UK fertility charities, is designed to support people who, for any reason, do not have the children that they had hoped for... [Read More]