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China halts controversial 'genome-edited babies' research
3 December 2018 - by Rachel Siden
Authorities in China are moving to suspend the research activities of the scientists who claim to have modified the genomes of twin girls with CRISPR-Cas9... [Read More]
First genes linked to ADHD discovered
3 December 2018 - by Martha Henriques
A study of 55,000 people has found the first regions of the genome linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)... [Read More]
Gene therapy eases Parkinson's by rewiring brain
3 December 2018 - by Caroline Casey
A gene therapy relieves Parkinson's disease symptoms by rewiring the brain circuits involved in movement... [Read More]
BioNews CRISPR Appeal
3 December 2018 - by Sarah Norcross
This week the world's media has been gripped by the birth of what are purported to be the world's first genome-edited babies... [Read More]
Genome editing in humans could become both ethical and prudent if properly regulated
3 December 2018 - by Professor John Harris
The announcement that Chinese scientists had genetically edited two embryos resulting in genome-edited human babies has occasioned outrage. My first reaction is that this action (if true) is both premature and reckless... [Read More]
I remember where I was when I heard about the world's first genome-edited babies
3 December 2018 - by Dr Andy Greenfield
I remember where I was when I first heard about the deaths of Elvis and John Lennon, and about the planes that flew into the Twin Towers. Now, I can add to that list where I was when the news broke of the birth of two genome-edited babies. [Read More]
Podcast Review: Mike Stratton and cancer genes - The Life Scientific (BBC Radio 4)
3 December 2018 - by Nana Mensah
Question: can you name a single breast cancer gene? If we surveyed the public, BRCA would be my bet for the most common reply... [Read More]
Book Review: Good Quality - The Routinisation of Sperm Banking in China
26 November 2018 - by Dr Sarah Martins da Silva
'Good Quality' by Professor Ayo Wahlberg is a fascinating description of sperm donation in China, based on his fieldwork conducted between 2007-2014. Anyone familiar with donor programmes will recognise the challenges of sperm donor recruitment, retention and quality assurance described, although Professor Wahlberg argues that this, set within China's cultural, juridical, economic and social landscape, has resulted in a unique style of sperm banking... [Read More]
Film Review: Private Life (Netflix)
12 November 2018 - by Rachel Siden
After watching the trailer for the 2018 Netflix film Private Life, I was expecting a dramatic, yet funny and heartfelt tale about a couple struggling to have a child via assisted reproduction, who eventually discover that the family around them is all they truly needed to be happy... [Read More]