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3D placenta organoids created to model pregnancy disorders
13 August 2018 - by Martha Henriques
The first three-dimensional miniature model of the human placenta has been created from stem cells... [Read More]
CRISPR editing human embryos - did it work or not?
13 August 2018 - by Alexander Ware
Controversy surrounding last year's report of a disease-gene being edited out of human embryos continues with a fresh round of evidence... [Read More]
Doctors warn of ignoring downsides of social egg freezing
13 August 2018 - by Sam Sherratt
Women who freeze their eggs for social reasons need to be better informed about the potential difficulties of the process, experts from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have warned... [Read More]
Let's get fertility preservation right for everyone
13 August 2018 - by Dr Sue Avery
The UK's Equality and Human Rights Commission is threatening legal action if 'outdated' NHS policies, which it says discriminate against the transgender community, are not changed urgently. Specifically, it is concerned that trans people should have equal access to fertility preservation services... [Read More]
FILM: With Great Genomic Data Comes Great Responsibility
6 August 2018 - by BioNews
This film documents the Progress Educational Trust/Genomics England event 'With Great Genomic Data Comes Great Responsibility', which formed part of the Genomics Conversation... [Read More]
Why it's time to define serious and significant genetic conditions
6 August 2018 - by Dr Mair Crouch
Rapid advances in the field of genetics give one a sense of needing to address the issue of what constitutes a 'serious and significant' genetic condition and to seek a broad definition. I will endeavour here to outline some scenarios to illustrate how a definition might help... [Read More]
Podcast Review: In Vitro Fertilisation, 40 Years On
13 August 2018 - by Kate Antoni
As an A-level student, my knowledge of the history and processes behind IVF are limited, to say the least; but the Guardian's podcast, 'In vitro fertilisation: 40 years on', brought IVF's past, present and future onto my radar... [Read More]
Event Review: IVF at 40 – Science Museum
6 August 2018 - by Grace O'Regan
Forty years ago last month, the first IVF baby came screaming into the world, after ten long years of pioneering medical trials... [Read More]
Radio Review: Boston Calling – Baby Guaranteed
6 August 2018 - by Melanie Krause
'A choice without a choice: surrogacy or prostitution.' This statement from doctor Olga Gajovic, a Ukrainian feminist and activist, to me is probably the most memorable piece of the Boston Calling episode 'Baby guaranteed' on BBC World Service... [Read More]