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DNA test gets go-ahead to find out if fertility doctor used own sperm
18 February 2019 - by Suzi Denton
A Dutch court has granted permission for DNA tests to establish whether a deceased fertility doctor substituted his own sperm when treating patients... [Read More]
Israel's high court rejects prolific US sperm donor's petition
18 February 2019 - by Jennifer Willows
Israel's High Court of Justice has ruled that a woman may not use the sperm of a prolific US donor to become pregnant... [Read More]
Judge calls for law review after trans man gives birth
18 February 2019 - by Hugo Wolfe
England's most senior family judge has invited the Health Secretary to review fertility laws after hearing the case of a trans man unable to be recognised as father on his child’s birth certificate... [Read More]
Paid-for NHS genomic testing could undermine the 100,000 Genomes Project's work
18 February 2019 - by Professor Bobbie Farsides
Few people can fail to have noticed the response to health secretary Matt Hancock's plans to allow healthy people to pay for NHS genomic testing on the understanding that they will agree to share their results for the purposes of research – a plan which now sits alongside earlier statements relating to children with cancer automatically qualifying for whole genome sequencing... [Read More]
FILM: Whose Genome Is It Anyway? Big Data and Your DNA
11 February 2019 - by BioNews
This film documents the Progress Educational Trust/Genomics England event 'Whose Genome Is It Anyway? Big Data and Your DNA', which formed part of the Genomics Conversation... [Read More]
Ireland's proposed surrogacy laws fail to acknowledge international arrangements
11 February 2019 - by Dr Brian Tobin
A recent survey involving 90 countries reveals the overwhelming popularity of international surrogacy arrangements among many Irish couples... [Read More]
Book Review: Gene Machine – The race to decipher the secrets of the ribosome
18 February 2019 - by Dr Barbara Kramarz
It was early October 2009. 'The prize for chemistry was to be announced on Wednesday. The chemistry prize often alternates between the hard-core chemists and the more biological chemists… [Read More]
Book Review: Legalising Mitochondrial Donation
4 February 2019 - by Laura O'Donovan
There are few areas of science more fiercely debated than assisted reproduction. Technologies initially developed to enable infertile individuals to have longed-for children have advanced, changing and re-defining the possibilities of human reproduction... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Genome edited babies – Science Weekly, The Guardian
4 February 2019 - by Sam Sherratt
Last November, Dr He Jiankui, a former associate professor of the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzen, China, made the announcement that he had created the first ever genome edited human children by using CRISPR to create mutations designed to make the children more resistant to HIV... [Read More]