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Bioengineering repairs uterus resulting in live births in rabbits
6 July 2020 - by Bernie Owusu-Yaw
Researchers looking for an alternative to uterus transplants successfully restored uterine structure and function in rabbits using bioengineered uterine tissue... [Read More]
Breast cancer drug depletes ovarian reserve in mice
6 July 2020 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
A drug used to treated breast cancer has been shown to deplete stores of immature ovarian eggs in mice... [Read More]
Delay in IVF treatment up to 180 days does not affect success rates
6 July 2020 - by Dr Katie Howe
Women who wait up to six months for fertility treatment have similar rates of live births to those who are treated within three months, according to data from an IVF clinic in the US... [Read More]
The challenges of international surrogacy arrangements in the climate of COVID-19.
6 July 2020 - by Sarah Williams
International commercial surrogacy arrangements are inherently complex and unpredictable at the best of times... [Read More]
Caveat: Stem cells touted for coronavirus treatments
29 June 2020 - by Dr Patrick Foong
This unprecedented challenging time has seen the emergence of unproven stem cell-based therapies for the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2... [Read More]
How to safely deliver fertility treatments in the COVID-19 era: the controversy of guidelines
29 June 2020 - by Dr Thanos Papathanasiou
The Health Secretary's announcement on 1 May 2020 that fertility services in the UK could apply to reopen was a message of hope for all those who depend on fertility treatment for having a baby. [Read More]
Podcast Review: Today in Focus - A journey to Greece for solo IVF during the pandemic
6 July 2020 - by Ëlo Luik
'I wanted to write about loss in a time of a pandemic', says Laura Barton, a music journalist, about why she began taking notes on her trip to Greece for solo IVF... [Read More]
Series Review: All Our Eggs
6 July 2020 - by Katy Lindemann
Letter to a bunch of cells: There is a tsunami of love waiting for you out there. Hope you're comfy in there. I want you to know this uterus has never been used by the likes of you. You're the first. You should feel very, very special. P.S. Please hold on tight. Love Mum xx... [Read More]
Event Review: The Coronavirus Genome - Conspiracies, controversies, and future confidence in tackling COVID-19
29 June 2020 - by Dr Alexander Ware
I feel safe in assuming, reader, that you’re probably feeling saturated by all things coronavirus-related... [Read More]