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Dr Yvonne Collins

Genetics Editor

Dr Yvonne Collins is Genetics Editor at BioNews and at the charity that publishes it, the Progress Educational Trust (PET). Together with her fellow BioNews editors Shaoni Bhattacharya and Jennifer Willows, she runs the BioNews writing scheme, which provides practical science writing training and experience for PhD students.

Yvonne is also a freelance writer and editor for biotech, and has worked as a Content Manager at Qiagen. She has a PhD in Mitochondrial Biology from the University of Cambridge, and she originally studied Biology at Imperial College London. She enjoys travelling the world, baking bread and dancing rock 'n' roll.

BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Yvonne Collins:
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Donor conception and direct-to-consumer DNA testing
24 June 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
The Progress Educational Trust (PET), which publishes BioNews, held a public event in London to discuss direct-to-consumer genetic testing in relation to donor anonymity... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Dr Yvonne Collins:
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Book Review: Gene Eating - The Science of Obesity and the Truth about Diets
27 August 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
It's never been easier to eat more and move less, so it's no surprise that the worldwide prevalence of obesity has more than doubled since the 1980s. With so much 'advice' at our fingertips, whose guidance do we follow and how do we get to the truth? ... [Read More]
Event Review: How to Grow a Human
17 June 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
What does it mean to be human? It's not a question I'd given much thought until hearing science writer Philip Ball's talk on 'How to Grow a Human'... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Dr Yvonne Collins:
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Novel method uses human stem cells to mimic early embryos
16 September 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
Scientists have developed a new device that uses iPSCs to create the most advanced artificial model of early human embryo development... [Read More]
Study reveals genes linked to left-handedness
9 September 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
A new genome-wide association study has identified specific gene regions that can influence left-handedness and differences in brain organisation which may be linked to better verbal skills... [Read More]
Human-monkey hybrid embryos grown in China, claim researchers
12 August 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
A team of scientists in the USA and Spain claims to have produced human-monkey hybrid embryos in China... [Read More]
Japanese scientist gets approval to create human-animal embryos
5 August 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
The Japanese Government has approved the first human-animal embryo experiments which could eventually lead to a new source of organs for transplant... [Read More]
Gene that cloaks cancer cells from the immune system found
22 July 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
Researchers have identified a gene, active in the early stages of development, that may help conceal cancers from common immunotherapy treatment... [Read More]
Plaque to finally honour snubbed IVF pioneers
15 July 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
The Royal Oldham Hospital is commissioning a new plaque to honour Jean Purdy and Sister Muriel Harris who played a pivotal role in the world's first IVF baby... [Read More]
Dispute resumes as US patent office re-examines CRISPR invention
1 July 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
The US patent office has declared an 'interference' - re-opening the long-running dispute between the University of California (UC), Berkeley and the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, over who invented CRISPR genome editing first... [Read More]
France considers allowing IVF for single and lesbian women
17 June 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
France plans to lift a ban preventing single women and lesbian couples from accessing IVF and other fertility treatments, announced Prime Minister Édouard Philippe last week... [Read More]
Four in 10 young women would consider egg freezing
18 March 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
A survey by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has found that 44 percent of women aged 18-24 would consider freezing their eggs in the future... [Read More]
No scientific basis for ten-year egg freezing limit, says minister
25 February 2019 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
Baroness Nicola Blackwood, junior minister for innovation in the Department of Health and Social Care has acknowledged that there is a lack of evidence to back up the current time limit on egg freezing... [Read More]