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Suzi Denton

Suzi Denton is a volunteer writer at BioNews

BioNews Review articles written by Suzi Denton:
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Book Review: Birth Rights and Wrongs - How Medicine and Technology are Remaking Reproduction and the Law
2 September 2019 - by Suzi Denton
In his new book, Professor Dov Fox shines a light on the harms that are done to fertility patients, and the lack of protection which the law in the USA affords them... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Suzi Denton:
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First UAE surrogacy case ruling
2 December 2019 - by Suzi Denton
A court in the United Arab Emirates has ruled that a woman whose husband had a child through surrogacy without her knowledge or consent, is not the child's mother... [Read More]
Indian surrogate's death raises concern over exploitation
7 October 2019 - by Suzi Denton
A pregnant surrogate has died at hospital in New Delhi, while a new surrogacy law awaits approval by the Indian Parliament... [Read More]
Gay couple file lawsuit against US state department after baby denied citizenship
5 August 2019 - by Suzi Denton
A married couple has been told that their daughter is ineligible for US citizenship despite the fact that they are both American citizens... [Read More]
New York Senate passes bill to allow commercial surrogacy
17 June 2019 - by Suzi Denton
A bill that proposes to lift the ban on commercial surrogacy in New York State was passed by the State Senate last week... [Read More]
Indiana first US state to write 'fertility fraud' into law
13 May 2019 - by Suzi Denton
Indiana has become the first US state to pass legislation making it a criminal offence for fertility doctors to use their own sperm in treatment without their patients’ prior knowledge and consent... [Read More]
Embryos not 'living persons' judges rule in Ohio case
7 May 2019 - by Suzi Denton
An appeal court in Cleveland, Ohio, has ruled that a couple's embryos lost in a freezer-failure incident last year were not 'living persons', and should not therefore have been treated as patients rather than property... [Read More]
Indian court will hear destroyed embryo case 'academically'
1 April 2019 - by Suzi Denton
The Bombay High Court in Mumbai will continue to hear the application of a deceased man's family for permission to use his frozen embryos, even though they were destroyed per his wife's wishes.
DNA test gets go-ahead to find out if fertility doctor used own sperm
18 February 2019 - by Suzi Denton
A Dutch court has granted permission for DNA tests to establish whether a deceased fertility doctor substituted his own sperm when treating patients... [Read More]
Canadian man gets surrogate-born twins back after immigration row
14 January 2019 - by Suzi Denton
A single father whose twin girls were born through gestational surrogacy in Kenya has been allowed to return home to Canada with his children... [Read More]
Canadian citizenship quirk leaves surrogate-born twins stateless
7 January 2019 - by Suzi Denton
A Canadian man whose twin girls were born via gestational surrogacy in Kenya is currently unable to bring his children home due to Canadian citizenship laws... [Read More]