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Simon Hazelwood-Smith

Simon Hazelwood-Smith is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and is currently studying for an MSc in Science and Technology Policy at the University of Sussex. Previously, he studied Biological Sciences at the University of Birmingham, and went on to work at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital's Molecular Genetics Laboratory and in Dr Michael Simpson's Genomic Medicine Group at King's College London's Division of Genetics and Molecular Medicine.

BioNews Comment articles written by Simon Hazelwood-Smith:
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Risk Management: Breast Cancer, Business and Patents
9 June 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
The backdrop to the third event in the Progress Educational Trust's 'Breast Cancer: Chances, Choices and Genetics' series was the Myriad Genetics gene patenting legal saga, which came to a conclusion last year with Myriad being denied a patent on the isolated forms of the BRCA genes... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Simon Hazelwood-Smith:
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Video Review: What If My Neighbour's Kid Was Genetically Modified?
4 July 2016 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
Paul Knoepfler's TEDx talk covers familiar ground – designer babies, segregation between 'natural' and GM children, unintended side effects, playing god, and eugenics all feature in his dystopian vision of a future involving genetically modified humans... [Read More]
Book Review: The Society of Genes
18 April 2016 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
This book is clearly, if not beautifully, written, and remarkably concise. If you're looking for a 'what's hot in genetics in 2016', it isn't a bad place to start... [Read More]
TV Review: HARDtalk - Professor Robert Winston
16 March 2015 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
This interview started badly for Professor Robert Winston. Within the first four minutes he had branded the concerns of opponents to mitochondrial donation 'trivial', and almost immediately after denied that he had done so... [Read More]
Radio Review: Out of the Ordinary - Desperately Seeking Sperm
26 January 2015 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
The world of unregulated sperm donation is revealed as an underground market of desperation, exploitation and remarkable characters.
Radio Review: The Life Scientific - Chris Toumazou
20 October 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
Professor Chris Toumazou had an unconventional route into science. The son of Greek Cypriot parents, as a child he often felt driven to swot up on science in an attempt to prove his smarts to doubting peers... [Read More]
Event Review: Resisting temptation - the biology of appetite
9 June 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
This Royal Institution event questions why so many of us overeat despite the huge amount of information available on appropriate calorie intake, and the biological factors that control our insatiable appetites for food... [Read More]
Radio Review: Health Check - Would You Want to Find Out About an Inherited Genetic Condition?
24 February 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
Genetic diagnosis of inherited diseases is now routine in the UK, with upwards of 600 different conditions tested for in NHS labs. As genetic sequencing and analysis methods become ever more effective, this figure should grow rapidly over the coming years... [Read More]
Theatre review: How to be Immortal
3 February 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
This was a play about death; how people cope with it, how they grieve and how they remember. It was also a play about love and relationships, finding inspiration in unexpected places and also about science, genetics and the story of Henrietta Lacks' cells... [Read More]
Event Review: The Good, the Bad and the Genetically Predetermined
28 October 2013 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
At this Royal Institution discussion examining the role that genetics can play in our justice systems, all speakers were in broad agreement with one another... [Read More]
TV Review: Horizon - What Makes Us Human?
22 July 2013 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
Perhaps we are not so different from chimps? Not so, Professor Roberts says; it is us who are experimenting on them, putting them in enclosures and making TV programmes about them... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Simon Hazelwood-Smith:
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Baby born from sperm collected 48 hours after father died
20 April 2015 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
A baby boy has been born using sperm collected 48 hours after the fathers' death. The healthy child was conceived through IVF after a lengthy legal process in Australia, following the death of the father in a motorcycle accident in 2011.... [Read More]
3D map of human genome shows DNA 'loops'
15 December 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
A study into the 3D structure of the human genome has revealed the locations of DNA 'loops' at unprecedented resolution... [Read More]
UK national sperm bank given green light
11 August 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
The first national sperm bank is to be opened in England this October after receiving a £77,000 grant from the Department of Health... [Read More]
Cycling not linked to infertility
21 July 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
Men who cycle regularly are not more likely to be infertile, an observational study on British cycling habits has found... [Read More]
Gene test can predict prostate cancer recurrence
14 April 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
A genetic test has been developed to predict the likelihood of prostate cancer returning after treatment. The test looks for 'genetic signatures' often found in recurring cancers... [Read More]
Miscarriage more likely when fewer eggs produced
24 March 2014 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
A study has found that women who produce fewer eggs during IVF treatment may have an increased risk of miscarriage.... [Read More]
Call for volunteers for open-access genome project
11 November 2013 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
The UK branch of the Personal Genome Project has launched, with the aim of sequencing the genomes of 100,000 British volunteers... [Read More]
Anorexia linked to genetic mutation
16 September 2013 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
The eating disorder anorexia nervosa has been linked, somewhat unexpectedly, to variants in a gene involved in cholesterol regulation... [Read More]
American health insurer will only pay for BRCA test after genetic counselling
27 August 2013 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
For the first time, a major health insurance company in the USA will require its customers to receive genetic counselling before it will pay for certain genetic tests... [Read More]
Family of Henrietta Lacks given a say over her cells
12 August 2013 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith
An agreement between the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the family of Henrietta Lacks will give the family some say in how genetic data from the cell line is used.... [Read More]