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Sean Byrne

Sean Byrne is a former Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. He is currently studying for a PhD in Bioethics and Medical Jurisprudence at the University of Manchester. His research looks at the relationship between bioethics and legal frameworks, and their application to synthetic biology. Previously, he completed an LLM in Medical Law at Queen Mary University of London and a BCL in Law and Society at Dublin City University's School of Law and Government.

BioNews Comment articles written by Sean Byrne:
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The media, synthetic biology and CRISPR - fears vs. reality
10 April 2017 - by Sean Byrne
A recent Wall Street Journal article, 'DIY Gene Editing: Fast, Cheap — and Worrisome', describes the Saturday afternoon of teenager, Kian Sadeghi, as he learns to use CRISPR/Cas9 at the Genspace Community Lab in Brooklyn, New York. Like many news articles, the main angle of the article is that new science and technology present a problem... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Sean Byrne:
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Event Review: 'Do You Really Want to Know?' screening by Genetic Alliance UK
23 February 2015 - by Sean Byrne
Do you really want to know? This was the question presented in the award-winning documentary of the same title, and to the panel in a discussion that followed its recent screening by Genetic Alliance UK... [Read More]
Radio Review: The Report - Surrogacy
15 December 2014 - by Sean Byrne
Surrogacy has always posed serious legal and ethical questions of society, and will continue to do so for a while yet... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Sean Byrne:
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US Congress lawmaker resigns amid surrogacy scandal
18 December 2017 - by Sean Byrne
Congressman Trent Franks has resigned from the US House of Representatives, following claims of misconduct related to pursuing a surrogacy arrangement with a former staffer... [Read More]
UK waits for law reform after genetic mother ineligible for legal parenthood
13 November 2017 - by Sean Byrne
A woman has been denied legal parenthood of her surrogate-born child because she is single, despite being the genetic mother... [Read More]
Ireland makes moves to ban commercial surrogacy
2 March 2015 - by Sean Byrne
The Irish Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar, has announced there will be new draft legislation to regulate surrogacy in Ireland – five months after surrogacy provisions proposed in January last year were dropped from a Bill currently before the Oireachtas... [Read More]
Pfizer to set up dedicated gene therapy development unit
15 December 2014 - by Sean Byrne
Pfizer has entered into a deal with biotech company Spark Therapeutics to conduct research into gene therapy for haemophilia B... [Read More]
Another U-turn as York agrees to fund IVF
8 December 2014 - by Sean Byrne
The NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group has agreed to fund one cycle of IVF, having at one time been the only CCG not to offer the treatment at all after funding was suspended in 2010.... [Read More]
Gene variant decreases stroke risk in younger people
8 December 2014 - by Sean Byrne
A gene variant has been linked to a lower risk of the most common cause of stroke in people under 50... [Read More]
The genetic secret for a long life is... still unknown
18 November 2014 - by Sean Byrne
Scientists are still searching for a key piece of the longevity puzzle, having not found anything remarkable in the genes of 'supercentenarians' - people who live beyond 110 - to explain their long lives... [Read More]
National sperm bank opening coincides with HFEA report
3 November 2014 - by Sean Byrne
A national sperm bank set up by a £77,000 grant from the UK's Department of Health has now opened for business.... [Read More]
NICE releases fertility quality standard, says postcode lottery is 'completely unacceptable'
27 October 2014 - by Sean Byrne
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published a quality standard that aims to bring an end to a 'postcode lottery' in the provision of fertility services on the NHS, which it says is restricting access to treatment.... [Read More]
Three genomics start-ups get Illumina funding boost
20 October 2014 - by Sean Byrne
Illumina has announced the first three companies in its Accelerator Programme, designed to help genomics start-ups as other sources of funding grow scarce... [Read More]