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Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews.

BioNews Review articles written by Sarah Gregory:
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TV Review: Coronation Street's DNA Secrets – ITV
1 October 2018 - by Sarah Gregory
Coronation Street's DNA Secrets gave a whirlwind tour around the ethnic diversities hidden in the gene pools of some of the soap's most well-loved stars, past and present... [Read More]
Event Review: Is Dementia Inherited?
14 August 2017 - by Sarah Gregory
After the annual Alzheimer's Association International Conference for scientific researchers was held in London this summer, and the subsequent flurry of media interest, the UK dementia charity Alzheimer's Society announced an event for the public to discuss the much asked question: is dementia inherited?... [Read More]
Radio Review: Revisiting the 14-Day Rule
30 January 2017 - by Sarah Gregory
Matthew Hill covers the 30-year history of the 14-day rule on human embryo research, bringing the topic right up to the present day and the current debate on extending the rule... [Read More]
Book Review: The Gene – An Intimate History
12 September 2016 - by Sarah Gregory
'The Gene: An Intimate History' is the latest book from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee. Taking a similar approach to his previous work 'The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer', Mukherjee interweaves his personal history with a comprehensive and extensive review of the history of genetic research... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Sarah Gregory:
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Windfall of $500 million for genomics in Australia's federal budget
14 May 2018 - by Sarah Gregory
Genomics research in Australia is set to receive a large funding boost from the Government as part of its latest federal budget for health.... [Read More]
Organoids made from patients' bladder cancers
16 April 2018 - by Sarah Gregory
Researchers in the USA have created patient-specific organoids that mimic the effects of bladder cancer tumours... [Read More]
Gene therapy reverses multiple sclerosis in mice
25 September 2017 - by Sarah Gregory
A novel gene therapy can reverse the symptoms and progression of disease in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis... [Read More]
Human 'mini-brains' in lab mimic development and disease
2 May 2017 - by Sarah Gregory
New brain organoids have been created to show development of both healthy human brain cells and those associated with genetic disorders... [Read More]
Gene linked to depression, and largest genetic study launched
10 April 2017 - by Sarah Gregory
Researchers have identified a gene variant that increases the risk of depression, while elsewhere the largest genetic study testing for risk factors gets underway... [Read More]
Gene complex implicated in severe premenstrual syndrome
9 January 2017 - by Sarah Gregory
Researchers in the USA have shown that a severe form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may be caused by irregular gene expression, which leads to atypical responses to sex hormones... [Read More]
Gene therapy 'reverses ageing' in mice
19 December 2016 - by Sarah Gregory
Gene therapy can reverse the effects of ageing in mice, researchers claim... [Read More]
Second team corrects sickle-cell mutation using CRISPR
14 November 2016 - by Sarah Gregory
Researchers have had further success using the CRISPR/Cas9 genome-editing technique to repair the mutation that causes sickle-cell anaemia... [Read More]
Genome editing using nanoparticle technology treats blood disorder
31 October 2016 - by Sarah Gregory
Researchers have developed a novel genome-editing technology to correct the defective gene that causes the blood disorder beta-thalassemia... [Read More]
CRISPR success in repairing sickle-cell anaemia mutation
17 October 2016 - by Sarah Gregory
Researchers have used the CRISPR/Cas9 genome-editing technique to correct the mutation that causes sickle-cell anaemia... [Read More]