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Ryan Ross

Ryan Ross is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. He is currently studying for a PhD in History at Queen Mary University of London's Centre for the History of Emotions. His research - which is funded by the Wellcome Trust - focuses on the relationship between medicine and personal injury claims in 20th century Britain, and investigates how doctors studied, treated and conceptualised disorders including whiplash, post-concussion syndrome and so-called 'accident neurosis'. Previously, he completed an MSc in the History of Medicine at the University of Glasgow. He maintains a broad interest in the study of medicine, trauma, memory, law, time and the philosophy of history. He blogs at Time, Trauma, History and he tweets as @Ryan_RR_Ross

BioNews Review articles written by Ryan Ross:
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Book Review: Bioinformation
16 October 2017 - by Ryan Ross
Since 2011, Polity Books has published a number of books in its 'Resources Series', which have focused on subjects like diamonds, oil and timber. Yet its forthcoming volume marks something of a shift, for its focus is bioinformation... [Read More]
Video Review: TED talk - Should you be able to patent a human gene?
14 March 2016 - by Ryan Ross
Tania Simoncelli's narrates the story of the successful legal challenge against Myriad Genetics' BRCA patents, but may have missed an opportunity to consider the broader impact of gene patenting... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Ryan Ross:
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EPO awards CRISPR patent to European biotech
14 August 2017 - by Ryan Ross
German-based company MilliporeSigma has announced that the European Patent Office intends to approve its CRISPR patent for use in eukaryotic cells... [Read More]
Trial starts for Australian nurse in Cambodia surrogacy case
19 June 2017 - by Ryan Ross
The trial of a nurse accused of running an illegal overseas surrogacy service began in Cambodia last week... [Read More]
Broad Institute CRISPR patents upheld
20 February 2017 - by Ryan Ross
The US Patent and Trademark Office has upheld the right of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to the genome-editing tool CRISPR/Cas9... [Read More]
House of Lords debates UK surrogacy law reform
19 December 2016 - by Ryan Ross
The government has welcomed a House of Lords debate on surrogacy law reform, promising to consider whether the statute needs to be updated... [Read More]
Australian woman charged over surrogacy in Cambodia
28 November 2016 - by Ryan Ross
A fertility nurse in Cambodia has been arrested for her involvement in the commercial surrogacy industry, following a recent crackdown by authorities... [Read More]
Canadian fertility doctor accused of using own sperm to impregnate patients
7 November 2016 - by Ryan Ross
A Canadian fertility doctor is facing a class action lawsuit by the families of some of his former patients, who allege that he used his own sperm in donor-conception procedures without their knowledge or consent... [Read More]
Lesbian couples sue over fertility treatment rules
15 August 2016 - by Ryan Ross
Three same-sex female couples are suing the US state of New Jersey for what they claim are discriminatory rules regarding the funding of fertility treatment... [Read More]
Widow takes fight over frozen embryos to High Court
27 June 2016 - by Ryan Ross
The widow of a Falklands veteran is going to the High Court in an attempt to stop the couple's frozen embryos from being destroyed... [Read More]
Gay couple win custody in Thai surrogacy dispute
16 May 2016 - by Ryan Ross
A same-sex couple have won a custody battle in Thailand against their surrogate after she allegedly refused to allow them to leave the country with their baby because they were not 'an ordinary couple'... [Read More]
West's fertility fall-off down to obsession with social status, says study
4 April 2016 - by Ryan Ross
Declining fertility rates in the West are partially a consequence of heightened competition for social status, according to an anthropological study... [Read More]