ISMAAR Symposium 2020, Saturday 22 February, Copenhagen
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Radio Review: The Stem Cell Hard Sell (BBC Radio 4)
20 January 2020 - by Isobel Steer
This BBC Radio 4 programme 'The Stem Cell Hard Sell', hosted by Lesley Curwen, aired on 7 January... [Read More]
Radio Review: Sex, Drugs & Lullabies: men matter (BBC Radio Humberside)
6 January 2020 - by Richard Clothier
As a former fertility treatment patient, I campaign to end the IVF treatment postcode lottery and I help to run a fertility support platform for men... [Read More]
Review: Human Nature
16 December 2019 - by Ana Hallgarten
Human Nature, directed by Adam Bolt is a documentary aimed at educating a wide audience about genome editing and the discovery and possible uses of CRISPR... [Read More]
Book Review: Eastern and Western Perspectives on Surrogacy
9 December 2019 - by Rita D'Alton-Harrison
To prohibit or not to prohibit? To profit or not to profit? These are questions fundamental to the regulation of surrogacy but are not questions that you will find fully answered in this book... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Artificial Wombs and the Promise for Premature Babies (Science Weekly, The Guardian)
9 December 2019 - by Helen Robertson
The concept of growing a baby in an engineered environment, or an 'artificial womb', perhaps seems more suited to a sci-fi movie than a real-life medical scenario... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Designer Genes (Babbage, The Economist)
2 December 2019 - by Isobel Steer
When we think of designer babies, we may think of genome-edited babies with their DNA cut and spliced, perhaps using CRISPR... [Read More]
Radio Review: The Moral Maze Debates the Morality of Genetics (BBC Radio 4 available on iPlayer)
2 December 2019 - by Dr Joanne Delange
On 6 November, eight individuals with varying views debated the morality of genetics on BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze... [Read More]
Event Review: Is obesity a choice?
25 November 2019 - by Eleanor Mackle
Dr Giles Yeo at the University of Cambridge is on a mission to change the common conception that obesity is a choice... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Biohacking: Rules of Engagement (Reset, Vox)
18 November 2019 - by Jennifer Frosch
Do-it-yourself science at home: despite my research training, this is something I have never given serious consideration... [Read More]
Book Review: Egg Freezing, Fertility and Reproductive Choice - Negotiating Responsibility, Hope and Modern Motherhood
11 November 2019 - by Eleanor Taylor
Over the last decade the number of women who have opted to freeze their eggs for social reasons has risen exponentially... [Read More]
Radio Review: One to One: Benjamin Zephaniah Meets Richard and Terri Clothier (BBC Radio 4 available on iPlayer)
4 November 2019 - by Susan Tranfield
The psychological aspects of infertility are generally well-documented. Those who have experience of this will be all too familiar with the devastation, guilt, shame and anger that accompany the diagnosis... [Read More]
Podcast Review: The Dangers of DIY Genetic Testing (Science Weekly, The Guardian)
28 October 2019 - by Laura Riggall
By 2022 the world's consumer genetic testing market is expected to quadruple to £200 million, according to The Guardian. But while the popularity of DIY genetic testing has undergone huge expansion in recent years, doctors and scientists have called for a crackdown on tests offered by consumer genetics companies such as 23andMe and AncestryDNA... [Read More]
Radio Review: HIV protective Gene Paper Retraction
21 October 2019 - by Dr Barbara Kramarz
There are numerous reasons why the story of two baby girls, who had been genetically engineered as embryos and consequently equipped with an HIV protective gene variant, startled researchers and the public around the world... [Read More]
TV Review: Eugenics: Science's Greatest Scandal
21 October 2019 - by Marieke Bigg
In the BBC documentary, Eugenics: Science's Greatest Scandal, science journalist Angela Saini and disability rights activist Adam Pearson tackle the difficult subject of eugenics... [Read More]
Game Review: Niche
7 October 2019 - by Francesca Sowerbutts
Niche is a genetics survival game where players evolve their own species to survive in testing environments... [Read More]
TV Review: Bump Pilot (RTE One)
7 October 2019 - by Fiona Duffy
RTE One recently ran a pilot for a new Irish comedy about surrogacy. The pilot, consisting of one episode is part of an RTE (Irish National Broadcaster) and Screen Ireland showcase initiative to support new and emerging Irish talent... [Read More]
Book Review: Let There Be Life - An Intimate Portrait of Robert Edwards and His IVF Revolution
30 September 2019 - by Dr Sue Avery
'Let there be life' is a biography of Professor Sir Robert Edwards, known to the world as the father of IVF, and to his friends as Bob. [Read More]
Radio Review: Tackling the Male Fertility Crisis (BBC World Service, Business Daily)
30 September 2019 - by Sarah Gregory
After he had a series of unsatisfactory fertility testing experiences, Mohamed Taha decided to launch his own company Mojo Diagnostics in Lyon, France in an attempt to improve the process of sperm count testing... [Read More]
Film Review: Seahorse - The Dad who Gave Birth
23 September 2019 - by Marieke Bigg
In a world where our sex tells us nothing about our gender - where we can be anyone and be in relationships with anyone – how do we make sense of ourselves? [Read More]
TV Review: DNA Testing Secrets
23 September 2019 - by Alexander Ware
Channel 4 News have recently produced two short films on genetic testing... [Read More]
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