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Dr Rachel Brown

Dr Rachel Brown is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is also an Adviser to the charity that publishes BioNews, the Progress Educational Trust. Currently, she works as a Policy Officer at the Academy of Medical Sciences. Previously she studied for a PhD at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, part of University College London (UCL), which was funded by the MRC. Her work made use of a fission yeast model to better understand Batten Disease, a rare neurodegenerative disease that affects children. Previously, she completed an MSc in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine, also at UCL, and studied Medical Biology at Edinburgh University.

BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Rachel Brown:
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What next for genomics? Providing answers, changing lives, transforming the NHS
10 July 2017 - by Dr Rachel Brown
A packed public event, produced by the Progress Educational Trust in partnership with Genomics England, saw the Chief Medical Officer for England launch her report 'Generation Genome'... [Read More]
The Birds, the Bees and Fertility Treatment: A Sting in the Tale?
25 April 2016 - by Dr Rachel Brown
This event, organised by the Progress Educational Trust, generated a lively debate about what – if anything – children should be taught at school about infertility... [Read More]
Mitochondrial Donation: Is It Safe? Is It Ethical?
9 February 2015 - by Dr Rachel Brown
Held at the Houses of Parliament, and organised by the Progress Educational Trust (the charity that publishes BioNews), this public debate was well attended. With all the chairs taken and many more people standing, people clearly felt it was important to discuss these issues... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Dr Rachel Brown:
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Event Review: The Future of Your Genetic Health
12 March 2018 - by Dr Rachel Brown
What are the medical and ethical implications of genetic technologies such as gene therapy, personalised medicine, and genome editing?
Event Review: In conversation with Dr Amy Gutmann
23 March 2015 - by Dr Rachel Brown
On 15 March 2015, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics held its annual public lecture, which this year featured political scientist and philosopher Dr Amy Gutmann, chair of the US Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues... [Read More]
Event Review: Does egg-freezing enable women to 'have it all'?
9 March 2015 - by Dr Rachel Brown
I arrived with some bemusement at this one-hour debate, 'Does egg-freezing enable women to "have it all"', to Beyoncé playing out loudly to an excited lecture theatre... [Read More]
Exhibition Review: Foreign Bodies, Common Ground
2 December 2013 - by Dr Rachel Brown
Six artists, ranging from photographers, performance groups and multimedia artists, were sent to Wellcome-funded research centres around the world. The goal of these 'foreign bodies' was to immerse themselves in scientific research for six months, and then produce some work that reflected what they learnt... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Dr Rachel Brown:
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Child obesity starts with epigenetic changes in womb
25 February 2019 - by Dr Rachel Brown
The risk of being obese as a child can be predicted by DNA modifications that arise while in the womb, and may be influenced by the mother's diet, suggests a new study... [Read More]
Largest US twin study looks at how your postcode affects health
21 January 2019 - by Dr Rachel Brown
A study attempting to clarify the ongoing 'nature vs nurture debate' has confirmed that the issue is complex - and that most conditions are probably caused by an interaction of both... [Read More]
Grandparents win legal right to see donor sperm grandchild
5 March 2018 - by Dr Rachel Brown
The UK court of appeal has upheld the right of the parents of a sperm donor to spend time with their biological grandson... [Read More]
Sperm 'obstacle course' could improve IVF success
8 January 2018 - by Dr Rachel Brown
An obstacle course has been developed by scientists in the United States which can select the fastest and healthiest sperm to use in assisted reproductive techniques. 
Illumina wins NIPT patent case in UK High Court
27 November 2017 - by Dr Rachel Brown
The UK Patents Court has ruled that two separate non-invasive prenatal tests infringe patents licensed by the US firm Illumina... [Read More]
No legal father for IVF baby, rules Georgia Supreme Court
16 October 2017 - by Dr Rachel Brown
A ruling by the Supreme Court in Georgia has stated a child born following IVF has no legal father, potentially setting a precedent for other similar cases in the future... [Read More]
Genome editing targets beta-thalassemia in human embryos
2 October 2017 - by Dr Rachel Brown
A genome editing technique called 'base editing' has been used to correct the mutation causing the inherited blood disorder beta-thalassemia in human embryos... [Read More]
CRISPR patent dispute ramps up with filing of court appeal
31 July 2017 - by Dr Rachel Brown
The University of California has moved to appeal a decision of the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board over the use of CRISPR in eukaryotic cells... [Read More]
Dutch court rules donor families can test fertility doctor's DNA
5 June 2017 - by Dr Rachel Brown
A court in the Netherlands has ruled that DNA tests can be performed on items belonging to a deceased fertility clinic director accused of using his own sperm for fertility treatments... [Read More]
Babies born through IVF have higher cancer rates
2 May 2017 - by Dr Rachel Brown
Children born through IVF are at an increased risk of some childhood cancers, suggests a new study... [Read More]