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Dr Rachael Boyle

Dr Rachael Boyle is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews. She also works as a junior doctor for NHS Scotland, and is an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Previously, she obtained a BSc in Medical Sciences and an MBChB from the University of Edinburgh.

BioNews News articles written by Dr Rachael Boyle:
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NHS pilot to test polygenic scores as a screening tool
24 January 2022 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
The NHS has launched a world-first pilot study of predictive genomic testing for the prevention of cardiovascular disease... [Read More]
RNAi jab to reduce cholesterol available on NHS
6 September 2021 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
A new anti-cholesterol injection has been accepted for use on the NHS, and may soon be available to patients in an effort to prevent heart attacks and strokes... [Read More]
IUI success is dependant on motile sperm count threshold
19 April 2021 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
Researchers have identified a sperm count threshold which optimises the chance of intrauterine insemination resulting in pregnancy... [Read More]
Genomics traces COVID-19 transmission chains in the UK
18 January 2021 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
Genomic epidemiological analysis of the initial UK COVID-19 outbreak has allowed a team of researchers to accurately characterise the early chains of transmission throughout the country... [Read More]
Developmental disorders linked to 28 newly associated genes
19 October 2020 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
285 genes have been identified as being causally implicated in developmental disorders, 28 of which have never previously been linked with such conditions... [Read More]
Gene therapy reverses memory loss from Alzheimer's in mice
3 August 2020 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
Memory loss has been reversed in mice with Alzheimer's disease following gene therapy... [Read More]
Breast cancer drug depletes ovarian reserve in mice
6 July 2020 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
A drug used to treated breast cancer has been shown to deplete stores of immature ovarian eggs in mice... [Read More]
Human placenta generated from stem cells
15 June 2020 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
Stem cells that give rise to the placenta prior to implantation have, for the first time, been generated from human tissue.
Neanderthal gene increases fertility and reduces miscarriage
1 June 2020 - by Dr Rachael Boyle
Women who carry a gene variant inherited from Neanderthal ancestors have fewer miscarriages, reduced bleeding events in pregnancy and increased fertility... [Read More]