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Purvi Shah

Purvi Shah is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews.

BioNews News articles written by Purvi Shah:
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Virtual embryo gives insight into early embryo development
27 April 2020 - by Purvi Shah
The first 'virtual embryo' has been created to help understand early embryo development and the evolution of one single cell into many cells of different types... [Read More]
Gut bacteria alter gene expression and potentially cut cancer risk
15 January 2018 - by Purvi Shah
New research has shown a connection between the potential role of gut bacteria having an active role in gene expression and in turn reducing the risk of cancer... [Read More]
New gene influencing caffeine consumption discovered
30 August 2016 - by Purvi Shah
Scientists have identified a gene variation that could influence the amount of caffeine a person consumes.... [Read More]
Complications for IVF babies declining, says Scandinavian study
26 January 2015 - by Purvi Shah
A study has shown a decline in the rates of stillbirths and premature deliveries of babies conceived via assisted reproductive technology in four Nordic countries.... [Read More]
Twelve healthy babies born following 'safer' IVF hormone treatment
28 July 2014 - by Purvi Shah
Twelve healthy babies have been born after trials of a hormone treatment called kisspeptin-54 that has been hailed as a safer way to mature women's eggs prior to IVF... [Read More]
Changes afoot in York, last place in UK not to fund IVF
9 June 2014 - by Purvi Shah
The Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group has agreed in principle to fund IVF treatment for couples in the area, although a formal decision on the matter will be made at a later date.... [Read More]
Stem cell scientist's appeal against misconduct verdict rejected
12 May 2014 - by Purvi Shah
Japan's RIKEN Center has announced that an appeal by stem-cell scientist, Dr Haruko Obokata, found guilty of research misconduct in relation to her claims of converting blood cells to stem cells using an 'acid bath', has been rejected... [Read More]
Paralympic cyclist's rare condition diagnosed with gene sequencing
17 June 2013 - by Purvi Shah
The genetic mutation behind a UK paracyclist's mystery condition has been identified by an international team of scientists... [Read More]
Crick Cambridge college commemoration
29 April 2013 - by Purvi Shah
A memorial to Francis Crick has been unveiled at his former college at the University of Cambridge to mark the 60th anniversary of the publication of the structure of DNA... [Read More]
Gene for epilepsy paves way for genetic testing
22 April 2013 - by Purvi Shah
Researchers in Australia have identified a genetic link to a common form of epilepsy, which could lead the way to genetic testing for this type of the condition.... [Read More]