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Patricia Cassidy

Patricia Cassidy was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She also works at the Medical Defence Union, assisting physicians dealing with clinical negligence claims, and she is currently studying for an LLM in Medical Law at Queen Mary University of London. She originally qualified in Law in Brazil, and subsequently qualified in Law in the UK at Brierley Price Prior's Law School.

BioNews News articles written by Patricia Cassidy:
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Israel's Cabinet approves surrogacy for same-sex couples and single people
9 June 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy
A bill permitting same-sex couples and single men and women to use surrogacy in Israel has been approved by the Israeli Cabinet. The bill now needs to be passed by Israel's parliament, the Knesset, before it can become law... [Read More]
EU Commission rejects petition to stop funding embryonic stem cell research
2 June 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy
The European Commission has rejected a petition requesting a stop to the funding of research involving the 'presupposed destruction' of human embryos.... [Read More]
Chicago: Woman awarded 'custody' of frozen embryos despite ex-boyfriend's objections
28 May 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy
An Illinois county court has granted a woman control over embryos created with her ex-boyfriend's sperm, despite his objection to their use.... [Read More]
Myriad's initial bid to block competitor's gene tests fails
17 March 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy
Myriad Genetics has failed to obtain a preliminary injunction to prevent a competitor, Ambry Genetics, from offering BRCA-related genetic testing products... [Read More]
DIY surrogacy leaves intended mother with no parental rights
10 March 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy
A 'do it yourself' surrogacy agreement resulted in legal chaos after the intended parents' relationship broke down within a few months of the baby's birth, leaving the intended mother with no parental rights over the child... [Read More]
Draft regulations on mitochondrial donation published
3 March 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy
The UK Department of Health has published draft guidelines for the use of new techniques to prevent mothers passing on serious mitochondrial diseases to their children. The guidelines will be the subject of a three-month consultation... [Read More]
Stem cell acid bath 'breakthrough' under investigation
24 February 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy
Research published in Nature that described a simple way to generate stem cells is now under investigation after blog posts called its findings into question... [Read More]
Canada: Three parents listed on baby's birth certificate
17 February 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy
A three-month-old baby has become the first child in British Columbia, Canada, to have three legal parents on their birth certificate after new legislation came into force last year... [Read More]
Poll: One in four think 40 is too old for IVF
10 February 2014 - by Patricia Cassidy
A recent poll conducted ahead of a television documentary has shown that one quarter of respondents believed women should stop trying to 'trying to bring babies into the world' past the age of 40... [Read More]