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Should we be using CRISPR/Cas9 to experiment on human embryos?

22 February 2016
By BioNews
Appeared in BioNews 840

This video documents a debate produced by the Progress Educational Trust (PET) - the charity that publishes BioNews - as part of the Festival of Genomics.

Shortly after this debate took place, it was announced that the first UK licence had been granted for the use of genome editing in human embryo research (see BioNews 837).

00:07 Güneş Taylor: A stem cell researcher's perspective
06:51 Joyce Harper: A genetics professor's perspective
12:28 Julian Hitchcock: A legal perspective
20:28 Questions and comments from the audience (including contributions from Alison Hall, Richard Swan and Dr Jess Buxton)
4 July 2016 - by Simon Hazelwood-Smith 
Paul Knoepfler's TEDx talk covers familiar ground – designer babies, segregation between 'natural' and GM children, unintended side effects, playing god, and eugenics all feature in his dystopian vision of a future involving genetically modified humans...
13 June 2016 - by Rhys Baker 
Over just 30 minutes Fergus Walsh has a lot of ground to cover here without even touching on the ethical debate. Yet, while gene editing may have 'just been made simple', how we respond to these stunning advances is anything but...
16 May 2016 - by Dr Helen O'Neill 
Species-specific differences in terms of developmental timing and molecular expression patterns have restricted our true understanding of early human development...
16 May 2016 - by Anneesa Amjad 
An international body representing stem cell scientists has included human genome editing in its updated guidance on the manipulation of stem cells and their use in therapy...
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