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Podcast: Breast Cancer Risk - Facts, Fictions and the Future

28 July 2014
Appeared in BioNews 764

Will the media be forever obsessed with cancer risk? How can we separate fact from fiction in the miles of accumulated column inches amassed by cancer stories every year?

Breast cancer was a neglected disease for so long, and it may still be for half the population; why don't we hear more about breast cancer in men? How prevalent is it?

Finally, what does the future of cancer care look like? How much of the hope for better-targeted treatments launched by the genomic revolution is legitimate and how much is hot air? Will the burgeoning discipline of epigenetics play a role?

These diverse questions were inspired by audience comments from the first three events of the Progress Educational Trust's (PET) Wellcome Trust-supported series 'Breast Cancer: Chances, Choices and Genetics'. You can hear them answered by the four panellists from the final event, 'Breast Cancer Risk: Facts, Fictions and the Future', in this podcast.

Listen to the podcast using the player below, or alternatively download it by clicking here (.mp3 16.2MB).

00:00 James Brooks: Introduction
01:50 Dr James Flanagan: Epigenetics and breast cancer
08:30 Eluned Hughes: Facts and fictions in the media, and breast cancer in men
13:00 Professor Gareth Evans: The future of breast cancer screening and therapy
17:25 Fay Schopen: The media and cancer scare stories

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