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Podcast: Do Genes Matter? Families and Donor Conception

14 July 2014
Appeared in BioNews 762

The sharp rise in donor conception over the last 20 years coincided with the 'DNA revolution' - a huge knowledge boom in the field of genetics.

How has the genetics boom impacted donor-conceived people, their families and the choices they make? Should genetic information make a difference - does it really provide vital information which people need to take on board to make informed decisions? Has family law moved with the times to take new reproductive technologies and arrangements into account?

This podcast features interviews on these questions with the four speakers at 'Do Genes Matter? Families and Donor Conception', an event organised by the Progress Educational Trust (PET) and the University of Manchester's Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives.

Listen to the podcast using the player below, or alternatively download it by clicking here (.mp3 15.5MB).

00:00 James Brooks: Introduction
01:25 Natalie Gamble: Do genes matter in legal disputes over surrogacy and gamete donation?
06:30 Erika Tranfield: Pride Angel and research into attitudes and beliefs of gamete donors
09:10 Professor Anneke Lucassen: Communication of genetic information in donor-conceived families
12:20 Professor Carol Smart: Multigenerational attitudes to donor conception and the Relative Strangers project
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