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Australian IVF centre relaunches with new ad showing a live birth

5 September 2011
Appeared in BioNews 623

An Australian fertility clinic has screened what is believed to be the first TV advertisement featuring a real birth. Kylie de Boer, chief executive of Genea, based in Sydney, Australia, conceded that some people might be offended by the advert, but said that the aim of the campaign was to demystify IVF by showing the end results.

Dale Rhodes, creative director of Rhodes Shapter, the agency responsible for the advert, said his desire to create an 'authentic, real and emotionally driven' film had resulted in a realistic portrayal of a woman's journey through childbirth. Rhodes also said he wanted the campaign to convey the 'ugly beautiful' truth of childbirth.

The one-minute long advert, filmed in black and white, was developed to support the rebranding of Genea from Sydney IVF. The decision to run the advert is believed to follow research into what the clinics' patients wanted to see portrayed in IVF advertising.

The director of the film, Zia Mandviwalla from Curious Film in New Zealand, was able to find a mother who had three previous uncomplicated births and had been a patient at the clinic to star in the advert.

A spokeswoman for Genea said they were 'absolutely thrilled' with the final result. 'It captures the beauty of childbirth and awe of being a new mum', she said. The advertisement will run for two months and will be shown only at night.

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