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BioNews survey 2010: The results

20 September 2010
By Kerry Dyus
Progress Educational Trust volunteer
Appeared in BioNews 576
We have now analysed the results of our recent BioNews readership survey. Thank you to the 611 readers who took the time to complete the survey - a record number of respondents, perhaps because this was the first survey readers could complete on our website. Our last readership survey in 2008 led to us making a number of changes to BioNews. We:
  • launched a HTML version of our email newsletter to enhance the layout and ease access to interesting items;

  • review more books and events than before;

  • launched the ability to post comments on articles on the BioNews website;

  • secured more advertising and sponsorship, while maintaining BioNews' independence.

This year's results will again prompt discussion about what (if any) further changes we should make to ensure we continue to meet our readers' needs while also making BioNews attractive to advertisers. In the meantime, we'd like to give you the survey's key findings.

First, most readers who responded to the survey feel BioNews is about right in content and length. But, in terms of content, two key issues were flagged. Over a quarter want to see more 'science behind the news' - i.e. fact checking and indepth analysis of science. There are two topics where readers want more coverage: 'Stories from outside UK' and 'Public understanding of science'.

While 552 respondents read BioNews to keep up-to-date on the latest news, we were delighted to see a significant nine per cent also read BioNews because we carry stories found nowhere else.

We weren't surprised to see a range of occupations represented in our survey sample but - more interesting - almost a third are health professionals (in the fields of fertility/genetics), with the next biggest group those in academia (researchers and lecturers), representing 14 per cent.

Finally, with an overwhelming 99 per cent of respondents saying they'd recommend BioNews to a colleague, we look forward to a surge in subscriptions - especially as you can sign up online through this website. So forward a link to the BioNews website today!

21 May 2012 - by Dr Jess Buxton 
A huge thank-you to the 700 readers who took the time to complete our survey earlier this year. As with previous surveys, the results will be invaluable for the future development of BioNews, to ensure it continues to meet the needs of our readers...
16 January 2012 - by Kerry Dyus 
The BioNews editors and PET staff are keen to understand readers' views of BioNews and, most importantly, how BioNews can be improved. So, we need every single one of you to complete the 2012 BioNews reader survey. It's online, easy to complete, and should only take a few minutes of your time...
9 August 2010 - by Sarah Norcross 
In last month's BioNews (issue567) Professor Eric Blyth and Wendy Kramer criticised 'My Daddy's Name is Donor: A New Study of Young Adults Conceived Through Sperm Donation'. This week Elizabeth Marquardt, a coinvestigator on the study, responds. We would like to hear your views on this report and their ensuing disagreement...
1 July 2010 - by Sarah Norcross 
This week we are welcoming Chris Chatterton as BioNews' new genetics editor. Chris has a degree in Biological Sciences from King's College, London, and an MA in Genetics, Culture and Society from Lancaster University. Chris is currently completing his PhD which is entitled 'Metabolic Syndrome: The construction of a group of risk factors into a new disease?'...
27 July 2009 - by Sarah Norcross 
We are pleased to announce that following years of dealing with out-of-date technology and increasing competition, the BioNews website and the free BioNews by email service have been overhauled...
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