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Don't agree? Let your fingers do the talking

9 August 2010
Appeared in BioNews 570
In last month's BioNews (issue567) Professor Eric Blyth and Wendy Kramer criticised 'My Daddy's Name is Donor: A New Study of Young Adults Conceived Through Sperm Donation'. This week Elizabeth Marquardt, a co-investigator, on the study responds. We would like to hear your views on this report and their ensuing disagreement.

You can do this by using the HAVE YOUR SAY feature on the BioNews website, which enables you to comment on any of the news stories, comment pieces and reviews by simply scrolling down to the end of the article on the website and logging in. This means that you can let us and others know your opinions any time of day or night.

Other articles which you may wish to comment on are those by Baroness Ruth Deech and Dr Evan Harris about the future of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). This is a subject which BioNews will be returning to again next week when we will feature a piece by Alison Murdoch. What do you think of the different authors' views? What do you think should happen to the HFEA? Log in and let us know.

One of the Progress Educational Trust's fundamental objectives is to stimulate debate and discussion. We hope that HAVE YOUR SAY will help you to be better informed as to what others think and will help us to better identify hot topics and plan future debates, as well as attract funding. So let your fingers do the talking and post a comment.

20 September 2010 - by Kerry Dyus 
We have now analysed the results of our recent BioNews readership survey. Thank you to the 611 readers who took the time to complete the survey - a record number of respondents, perhaps because this was the first survey our readers could complete on our website...
9 August 2010 - by Baroness Ruth Deech 
Of course we are all against unnecessary regulation: and one of the areas of policy put forward by the new coalition government which has seemed to attract widespread support, even from those who hold no brief for them, is the abolition of superfluous quangos....
9 August 2010 - by Elizabeth Marquardt 
It is challenging for researchers to study the offspring of sperm donation. There are not that many donor offspring in the general population, most of their parents have not told them the truth about their origins, and there are currently few available sources of funding for such inquiries...
2 August 2010 - by Dr Evan Harris 
In its quick review of Arm's Length Bodies, published last week, the Government announced the HFEA would be disbanded. The news was welcomed by some, criticised by others and the HFEA put out a fairly terse statement...
20 July 2010 - by Dr Kirsty Horsey 
On 9 July 2010 we published a commentary written by Eric Blyth, Professor of Social Work at the University of Huddersfield, UK and Visiting Professor in the Department of Applied Social Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Wendy Kramer, co-founder of the US Donor Sibling Registry. The commentary was about a recent report co-authored by Elizabeth Marquardt, director of the Institute for American Values (IAV)'s Center for Marriage and Families, Norval D. Glenn, of the University of Te...
9 July 2010 - by Professor Eric Blyth and Wendy Kramer 
The 'My Daddy's Name Is Donor' report is co-authored by Elizabeth Marquardt, director of the Institute for American Values (IAV)'s Center for Marriage and Families, who produced IAV's previous report highly critical of donor conception (1), Norval D. Glenn, of the University of Texas at Austin, and Karen Clark, of, and published by the Commission on Parenthood's Future, a New York-based think tank, in association with the IAV, in May 2010...
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