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'Octomum' doctor faces fresh accusations

19 July 2010
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The fertility doctor who helped 'Octomum' Nayda Suleman conceive octuplets transferred seven embryos to another woman, according to the Medical Board of California.

The 48-year-old woman became pregnant with quadruplets, but suffered complications and lost one fetus, according to a revised lawsuit filed by the Board. The remaining triplets were born six weeks early by caesarean section and one has 'profound developmental delays'.

Dr. Michael Kamrava placed the woman, L.C. 'at great risk for high order gestation' by implanting more than the medically-recommended two embryos into a patient over 35, the Board said in its complaint. Such a high number of embryos 'should not be transferred into any woman, regardless of age'. Dr Kamrava is also accused of 'not recommending that she consult with a mental health professional', even though L.C. was close to 50 years of age, had three adult children and had undergone IVF with a donor she knew.

The new accusations have been added to the existing lawsuit against Dr Kamrava, which was filed after Ms Suleman gave birth 18 months ago.

The revised complaint also accuses Dr Kamrava of failing to refer another patient for cancer screening, despite her history of cancer and finding cysts on her ovaries. The 42-year-old woman was later diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer and had to have her uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

Dr Kamrava will answer the complaints at a hearing on October 18, which could lead to the Board revoking his license.

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6 June 2011 - by Kyrillos Georgiadis 
The US fertility doctor who helped 'octomum' Nadya Suleman give birth to a total of 14 children through repeated IVF treatments, has had his licence revoked by the Medical Board of California....
14 February 2011 - by MacKenna Roberts 
'Octomum' fertility doctor, Dr Michael Kamrava, could still be struck off despite a judge's recommendation to the contrary, according to a decision made by the Medical Board of California, the state's medical licensing body....
31 January 2011 - by Kyrillos Georgiadis 
A US judge has recommended that Dr Michael Kamrava, a Beverly Hills fertility doctor responsible for providing IVF to 'Octomum' Ms Nadya Suleman, should be allowed to continue practising as a doctor....
25 October 2010 - by Julianna Photopoulos 
US fertility doctor Dr Michael Kamrava implanted a total of 12 embryos into 'Octomum' Nadya Suleman, a licensing hearing is told....
10 January 2010 - by Nisha Satkunarajah 
A disciplinary complaint has been filed by the California State Medical Board against Dr Micheal Kamrava, the fertility doctor who controversially assisted Nadya Suleman to give birth to octuplets in January 2009. Barbara Johnston, the executive director of the board, filed the complaint, which accuses Dr Kamrava of negligence and violation of professional guidelines. No date has yet been set for the hearing which could potential result in Dr Kamrava's licence being revoked or suspended....
14 November 2009 - by Jenny Dunlop 
Channel 4, 12 November 2009...
20 October 2009 - by Antony Starza-Allen 
The US fertility doctor responsible for transplanting six embryos into a woman who gave birth to octuplets last January has been struck off by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) - although he is still able to practice as membership of the professional society is only voluntary....
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