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Why BioNews?

22 March 1999
By Juliet Tizzard
Director, Progress Educational Trust
Appeared in BioNews 0

Another National Science Week has brought with it the familiar hand-wringing about how little the public understands about science. And yet, science is more talked about and reported than ever before. The mere fact that a discussion about the level of public understanding of science is taking place in the media is testimony to the increased interest in science and the issues it raises.

But, of course, the increased prevalence of science stories does not necessarily make for a better informed public. Sometimes, too much information may be available, to the public and professionals alike, to make sense of things. The result can either be that we are more confused than ever, or that we simply don't bother trying to find good, accurate information.

BioNews is here to help. It is designed to keep those already familiar with assisted reproduction and human genetics up to date on new developments. But BioNews is also for those people looking for information for the first time or those simply stumbling upon it. At Progress Educational Trust, it is our belief that the delivery of good, accurate and timely information from a trusted source is the first step to enhancing the public and professional - understanding of reproductive and genetic science.

But information is only the first step. The second is debate and discussion. Despite the prevalence of science and health stories in public life, there is a surprising lack of intelligent discussion about the issues they raise. With this in mind, this commentary section will offer our views and the views of others on a different issue each week. After all, it is controversy and disagreement which often challenge people to become involved in a debate. And in all the excitement, a little bit more science gets learnt.

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