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CLARIFICATION: UK scientists announce ground-breaking stem cell therapy trial

16 February 2009
By BioNews
Appeared in BioNews 495

In BioNews 491 we reported that a Glasgow-based team had announced plans to trial a pioneering stem cell therapy, which they hope could help reverse the symptoms of stroke. The article said: 'The trial has been fiercely opposed by pro-life groups, who believe that an embryo has equivalent moral status to a child or adult human, because the stem cells involved are obtained from aborted embryos,' implying that the stem cells used were sourced from pre-implantation embryos.

Throughout the article, the stem cells are referred to as 'embryonic', however it has been brought to our attention that the research in fact involves stem cells derived from aborted fetuses, which, although still viewed as controversial by some anti-abortion groups, do not involve the creation of embryos for the sole purpose of harvesting stem cells.

19 January 2009 - by Ailsa Stevens 
Glasgow-based scientists have announced plans to trial a pioneering stem cell therapy for treating stroke patients later this year. The researchers hope that the therapy, which involves injecting embryonic stem (ES) cells into the brain, may help to reverse the symptoms of stroke, including mobility problems and...
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