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US stem cell research update

15 August 2005
By BioNews
Appeared in BioNews 321

Last week, proponents of embryonic stem cell (ES cell) research announced the creation of Maryland Families for Stem Cell Research, a non-profit group that aims to raise awareness and money for stem cell research in Maryland.

Due to the federal restrictions on funding for ES cell research, this group is asking the Maryland Governor to allocate $25 million of the state's 2007 fiscal budget to activities related to ES cell research. Earlier this year, state legislation that would have authorised up to $23 million for stem cell research passed the House of Delegates, but then died in a filibuster once it got to the Senate. This time round advocates plan to introduce the bill early, to prevent this from happening again.

Shareese N DeLeaver, a spokeswoman for Governor Robert L Ehrlich Jr, stated that though the governor 'has always been supportive of the concept of stem cell research,' it is too early to make budget decisions committing this funding to stem cell research.

Meanwhile in North Carolina, Representative Earl Jones has sponsored a measure that aims to use $10 million from the state's tobacco establishment to fund stem cell research. Though there is opposition because the funds could be used for research that would involve the destruction of embryos, the bill will last through the 2006 legislative session because it is a funding bill. 'North Carolina could be the leader in the South on stem cell research', Jones told the Greensboro News-Record.

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16 January 2006 - by BioNews 
The US state of Maryland could become the next state to publicly fund human embryonic stem (ES) cell research. Researchers in the US are prohibited from using federal funds to do work with any ES cell lines created on or after 9 August 2001, following a declaration by President Bush...
8 August 2005 - by BioNews 
US President George Bush has restated his intention to veto any new law extending his policy on human embryonic stem (ES) cell research, if the Senate passes it. Current policy, set by the President on 9 August 2001, only allows state funds to be used for research on ES cell...
1 August 2005 - by BioNews 
Bill Frist, the US Senate Majority Leader, has added his support to legislation that would extend the provision of federal funding for human embryonic stem (ES) cell research in the US. Current policy, set by President Bush on 9 August 2001, only allows state funds to be used for research...
21 July 2005 - by BioNews 
Thomas Reilly, the Attorney General of the US state of Massachusetts, has rejected a proposed ballot that was designed to overturn the state's recently-passed law on embryonic stem (ES) cell research. Reilly said he has refused the ballot because the Massachusetts constitution does not allow ballot initiatives on laws that...
15 July 2005 - by BioNews 
Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich said he was ready for a 'firestorm of criticism' after he used an executive order on Tuesday to circumvent the legislature and allocate $10 million in state funds to embryonic stem (ES) cell research. Illinois becomes the fourth state to devote public money to the controversial...
11 July 2005 - by BioNews 
A new poll reveals that 63 per cent of Americans think the US should adopt a national policy for medical research using human embryonic stem (ES) cells, while 57 per cent support the use of federal funds for such work. The survey, carried out by Research!America, also found that...
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