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Ukraine bans human reproductive cloning

20 December 2004
By BioNews
Appeared in BioNews 289

Human reproductive cloning has been banned by the Ukrainian parliament. However, the new bill does not mention the use of cloning for medical research purposes, so this will remain legal.

The bill, which will become law if it is signed and published by the new Ukrainian president, also bans the import and export of cloned human embryos. It prohibits cloning 'according to the principles of respect to a man, acknowledgement of personality value, the protection of rights and freedoms of man' as well as 'of course...taking into consideration an insufficient knowledge of biological and social consequences of man cloning'. People who act in contravention to the law will be subject to civil, administrative and/or criminal charges.

Supporters of the bill, which passed with a total of 253 votes, welcomed the new legislation, saying that reproductive cloning could present health risks for women and lead to uncontrolled experiments. It could also be used to create 'deficient individuals with a vague legal status', they said, as well as creating 'prerequisites for degradation of the family and destruction of human and social values'.

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