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Panel makes stem cell recommendations

24 September 2001
By BioNews
Appeared in BioNews 126

After a two-year enquiry, an Australian parliamentary panel has made recommendations on how the country should regulate stem cell research. Six of the ten panel members voted for fairly permissive legislation, which would allow scientists to derive stem cells from embryos donated by IVF patients, provided the necessary consent was obtained. Work on these cells would, it was recommended, be strictly regulated. The rest of the panel opposed the use of these embryos, saying that research could take place on existing stem cell lines, six of which are known to be in Australia.

The panel did not rule out therapeutic cloning, the technique of creating cloned embryos for stem cell therapy, but it has suggested that a three-year moratorium on the practice be imposed, after which time it will be reappraised. The panel all agreed that research into adult stem cells should continue. The report is likely to be influential in future federal and state policy making.

Australia edges forward on stem cells
BBC News Online |  2 September 2001
3 October 2005 - by BioNews 
The treasurer of the Australian state of Victoria has told a national government inquiry into cloning and stem cell research that scientists are being hampered by existing laws. John Brumby believes that 'therapeutic cloning' - research using stem cells derived from human embryos created using somatic cell nuclear transfer - should be...
5 September 2005 - by BioNews 
In Australia, a public consultation on two pieces of federal legislation which govern cloning and embryonic stem (ES) cell research is due to end this week. The two Acts, passed in 2002, together ban reproductive cloning, prevent scientists from cloning embryos to obtain stem cells and restrict them to research...
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