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Woman becomes UK's oldest mother of twins

29 May 2001
By BioNews
Appeared in BioNews 109

Lynne Bezant has become the oldest mother of twins in the UK after the birth of David and Susan last week. Bezant, who is 56, came to public attention in January when she announced her pregnancy to the British press. The twins, who were born by caesarian section, are a month premature and will stay in hospital for a few weeks.

Despite close questioning from many journalists, Lynne Bezant and her husband Derek say they have absolutely no regrets about the postmenopausal conception using donor eggs. 'I'm just so happy' she told the Mirror newspaper, 'it's wonderful'. The Bezants have three grown-up children, but when they left home, the couple realised they would like more children. But the stillbirth of twins and a miscarriage three years later left them with few options.

Then, at the age of 52, Mrs Bezant decided to try IVF with donor eggs. But she had to wait three and a half years for a suitable donor to emerge. Because of a 55-year age limit at the clinic, time was nearly running out when Lynne Bezant finally started treatment last year.

Shadow health secretary, Liam Fox, was, however, quick to criticise. 'It's on thing to have a baby at 56' he told the Independent newspaper, 'but it's quite another to have a 14-year old child when you're 70.'

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