'Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis 2018: Current Practice and Beyond', 9-10 November 2018
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BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Michelle Rodgers:

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Reform of assisted reproduction in Ireland is long overdue
23 October 2017 - by Dr Michelle Rodgers
Equity and access are among the most urgent issues for medically assisted reproduction. According to Ireland's Health Research Board, across Europe¬†six countries offer full public funding, and 19 countries offer partial public funding... [Read More]
Tough times should not affect access to fertility treatments in Northern Ireland
18 September 2017 - by Dr Michelle Rodgers
In 1948, UK health secretary Aneurin Bevan spearheaded the creation of the National Health Service with the aim of providing healthcare access to all, irrespective of a patient's financial situation. The NHS has since become the world's largest publicly funded health service... [Read More]