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BioNews News articles written by Mikey Lebrett:

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Genome editing in mouse fetuses may pave way in humans
15 October 2018 - by Mikey Lebrett
Genome editing has been successfully used to treat a serious liver disease in fetal mice while still in-utero... [Read More]
Surviving cancer means lower pregnancy rates in women
10 July 2017 - by Mikey Lebrett
Female cancer survivors are 38 per cent less likely to become pregnant compared with women in the general population, according to a study presented at the annual European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Geneva... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Mikey Lebrett:

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Podcast Review: The Genetics Podcast - Patient powered research networks
18 May 2020 - by Mikey Lebrett
In decades past, the great institutions of research and academia were often perceived as impenetrable fortresses, with their activities taking place behind closed doors.... [Read More]
Book Review: Genetics
25 June 2018 - by Mikey Lebrett
Nostalgia is a powerful driver of human behaviour. Over the past three years, Penguin Random House has tapped into this emotion by launching adult books with the unmistakable writing style, illustrations and appearance of the classic Ladybird children's books which were sold in their hundreds of millions in the last century... [Read More]
Book Review: How to Code a Human
18 September 2017 - by Mikey Lebrett
Genomics may herald a bright future - for those who understand it. But what about those who do not? Dr Kat Arney's new book 'How to Code a Human' is a beautiful example of how complicated genetic topics can be simplified and clarified to make them understandable and enjoyable for the least-scientific of readers.... [Read More]