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Coronavirus DNA could spread across hospital ward within ten hours
15 June 2020 - by Emma Lamb
Viral DNA that models the coronavirus was present on nearly half of all ward sample sites after just ten hours in a simulation study... [Read More]
Investigational new drug may be beneficial in treating severe COVID-19
4 May 2020 - by Emma Lamb
A novel stem cell therapy may play a part in improving the survival rate of ventilator-dependent COVID-19 patients.... [Read More]
Leading medics back egg freezing extension
2 March 2020 - by Emma Lamb
Professional medical bodies are calling for the UK law on the storage limit for frozen eggs to be extended, to provide women with more choice in their reproductive years... [Read More]
China plans embryonic stem cell trials for Parkinson's and blindness
5 June 2017 - by Emma Lamb
Two teams of doctors in China are to administer embryonic stem cell therapy from fertilised human embryos to treat different degenerative diseases... [Read More]