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Counselling is more important than ever as clinics seek to reopen their doors
26 May 2020 - by Anthony Ryb
The announcement made a couple of weeks ago that from Monday 11 May 2020, fertility clinics can apply to reopen, has prompted a huge surge of relief and hope within the industry and, even more so, among the patientsĀ for whom treatment may have been postponed or put on hold for what, at the time, seemed indefinitely... [Read More]
The case for mandatory fertility counselling
8 May 2018 - by Anthony Ryb
Should everyone stepping through their doctor's door enquiring about fertility treatment receive a counselling session? Probably not, although in most situations it would certainly be useful for them. Should everyone who has decided to go ahead with fertility treatment receive a counselling session prior to starting treatment? In my opinion, that is a definite yes... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Anthony Ryb:

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TV Review: The Good Fight - Henceforth Known as Property
2 May 2017 - by Anthony Ryb
US spin-off legal drama 'The Good Fight' delivers a brief storyline when representing an ovarian cancer survivor whose only chance of genetic connection to a child is by gaining back custody of her previously donated eggs.