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New imaging technique could help pick embryos for IVF
4 September 2017 - by Anna Leida
A new imaging technique can help assess the quality of early-stage embryos... [Read More]
Synthetic 3D-printed ovaries help infertile mice have pups
22 May 2017 - by Anna Leida
Fully functional 3D-printed ovaries have been successfully implanted in mice for the first time - enabling them to have offspring... [Read More]
Artificial mouse embryo created out of stem cells
6 March 2017 - by Anna Leida
Stem cells from an adult mouse have been used to grow a structure resembling a mouse embryo in vitro for the first time... [Read More]
3D bioprinter produces functional human skin
30 January 2017 - by Anna Leida
Spanish scientists have made a prototype 3D bioprinter that can create functional human skin... [Read More]
Almost half of UK public support extending 14 day rule
23 January 2017 - by Anna Leida
A recent YouGov poll has shown that almost half of the general public is in favour of legalising research on embryos up to 28 days old...
X chromosome may offer females protection against cancer
28 November 2016 - by Anna Leida
Having two copies of the X chromosome may help explain why females get cancer less often than males, according to new research... [Read More]