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Reflections of a fertility doctor through the COVID-19 crisis
18 May 2020 - by Professor Adam Balen
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought huge challenges to our health service and to society as a whole. This has made me reflect on what it has meant to the fertility sector in the UK, the way we have responded and changes for the future... [Read More]
The place of fertility education in UK schools
4 March 2019 - by Professor Adam Balen
Last month, the draft statutory guidance on sex education (now known as Relationship and Sex Education and health education for governing bodies, proprietors, head teachers, principals, senior leadership teams and teachers) was presented to UK government for debate... [Read More]
Daily Mail misses the mark on fertility
8 May 2017 - by Professor Adam Balen
Last week the Daily Mail published an undercover investigation into certain aspects of IVF practice in the UK. Whilst this has highlighted some issues, unfortunately the meaning of published statistics has been misinterpreted and certain aspects of the investigation have been given far more weight than is just. Rather than serving the public good, this has the potential to leave vulnerable patients scared and confused.
IVF practices challenged: a response
5 December 2016 - by Professor Adam Balen
Professor Adam Balen argues that the recent Panorama investigation into the use of add-ons in fertility clinics is a misrepresentation of these clinics and a misunderstanding of the data... [Read More]
The British Fertility Society – committed to providing good information for patients
31 October 2016 - by Professor Adam Balen
There is a lack of reliable information in the public domain for patients and their families, as well as an array of misleading and confusing information, but the British Fertility Society aims to counter this with impartial advice and information... [Read More]