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We need to talk about... CRISPR
21 August 2017 - by Giulia Cavaliere
Picture this - it's the last day in the office before the summer holidays, you're looking forward to some sunshine and warmth, email auto-response set, and all ready to go. Then, all of a sudden: the news... [Read More]
Human embryo research – the need for a more democratic approach
19 December 2016 - by Giulia Cavaliere
It's not enough to just talk about the benefits of extending the 14-day rule, we must also consider the views of those who believe that human embyros are persons... [Read More]
The Mexican mitochondrial case and moral supremacy
10 October 2016 - by Giulia Cavaliere
The announcement of the first baby born using mitochondrial spindle transfer, one of the two techniques that allow the replacement of faulty mitochondrial DNA, caught the UK scientific and bioethics community by surprise... [Read More]