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Human eggs use chemical attraction to 'choose' sperm
15 June 2020 - by Ebtehal Moussa
The fluid that surrounds an egg when it is released acts as a chemical attractant to sperm, but may also select sperm from certain males over others... [Read More]
Gene therapy for cancer halted after patient death
11 September 2017 - by Ebtehal Moussa
Two trials assessing gene therapy¬†for blood cancer have been put on hold by the US Food and Drug Administration, following a patient fatality... [Read More]
Dozens of new gene targets for cancer immunotherapy found
14 August 2017 - by Ebtehal Moussa
Over a 100 new genes that may be essential for cancer immunotherapy to work have been identified using a new CRISPR-based screen... [Read More]
Two blood cancers treated successfully with immunotherapy
12 June 2017 - by Ebtehal Moussa
Two trials of a new gene therapy have successfully treated blood cancers in patients who were unresponsive to standard treatment... [Read More]
Gene therapy could prevent breast cancer from spreading
26 September 2016 - by Ebtehal Moussa
A new gene therapy technique using microRNAs has successfully prevented the spread of breast cancer in mice... [Read More]
Genetic test indicates chemotherapy benefit for early-stage breast cancer
30 August 2016 - by Ebtehal Moussa
A new genetic test could predict which patients with early-stage breast cancer patients would benefit from chemotherapy... [Read More]
Two genes linked to breast cancer survival
22 August 2016 - by Ebtehal Moussa
Researchers in the UK have discovered two key genes capable of predicting 10-year disease-specific survival outcomes in breast cancer patients... [Read More]