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Government's review of the ten-year egg-freezing storage limit is a vital step forward
24 February 2020 - by Professor Geeta Nargund
As the Medical Director of CREATE Fertility and long-term campaigner for gender equality and women's reproductive choices, I listened with earnest when Caroline Dinenage, former Health Minister, made the long overdue announcement last week that the Government will be reconsidering the current ten-year storage limit on eggs, sperm, and embryos frozen for non-medical purposes... [Read More]
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome – it's time to reverse the trend
5 December 2016 - by Professor Geeta Nargund
There has been a 40 percent rise in hospital admissions with severe OHSS in UK fertility clinics in 2015. This extraordinary statistic reveals that the time has now come for firm action to reverse the trend of severe OHSS, a serious but preventable condition... [Read More]
Involuntary childlessness: extending fertility treatment to single people and same-sex couples
14 November 2016 - by Professor Geeta Nargund
The World Health Organisation is considering a change to its definition of infertility to include single people and same-sex couples, but there may be a simpler, more common-sense way forward... [Read More]
Protecting our next generation from an uncertain fertility future: why education is key
4 April 2016 - by Professor Geeta Nargund
Complete reproductive education, including regarding fertility issues, is the right of all our young people... [Read More]