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BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Edgar Mocanu:

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Pre-pubertal ovarian tissue preservation – are we pushing the boundaries too far?
11 April 2016 - by Dr Edgar Mocanu
Oncofertility services allow some women to cryopreserve oocytes, embryos or ovarian tissue in order to protect their ability to have a family when faced with malignancy and adjuvant therapy. However, to date, fertility cryopreservation had very little to offer young, pre-pubertal girls... [Read More]
Restoring fertility after cancer treatment: is hope on the horizon?
23 November 2015 - by Dr Edgar Mocanu
A recent study in mice raised the possibility of restoring ovarian function after chemotherapy. But before creating hype, the medical community has a duty to deliver evidence from human studies... [Read More]
Egg freezing - the ultimate freedom?
24 August 2015 - by Dr Edgar Mocanu
How easy is to tell a 25-year-old that she has no eggs and that she may never have a family using her own oocytes... [Read More]