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BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Sarah Martins da Silva:

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Paternal age bioethics: have we missed the point?
13 July 2015 - by Dr Sarah Martins da Silva
Kevin Smith should be applauded for raising awareness of men's biological clocks, but his proposal to 'genetically improve' the human population through sperm banking seems preposterous... [Read More]
Look north: Better Together but fertility 'devo max' in Scotland is a good thing
27 October 2014 - by Dr Sarah Martins da Silva
As a consultant clinician working in one of the four NHS tertiary fertility units in Scotland, I was somewhat surprised to read the objection from the Association of Clinical Embryologists about proposed plans to devolve legislative powers for fertility treatment to the Scottish Government... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Dr Sarah Martins da Silva:

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Book Review: Good Quality - The Routinisation of Sperm Banking in China
26 November 2018 - by Dr Sarah Martins da Silva
'Good Quality' by Professor Ayo Wahlberg is a fascinating description of sperm donation in China, based on his fieldwork conducted between 2007-2014. Anyone familiar with donor programmes will recognise the challenges of sperm donor recruitment, retention and quality assurance described, although Professor Wahlberg argues that this, set within China's cultural, juridical, economic and social landscape, has resulted in a unique style of sperm banking... [Read More]