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Will a COVID-19 vaccine change my DNA?
1 February 2021 - by Professor Frances Flinter
In order to be approved for use in the UK, vaccines must meet the strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness set out by the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency... [Read More]
Leading the way on mitochondrial donation
16 February 2015 - by Professor Frances Flinter
Over the last 30 years I have met some remarkable families, from whom I have learned about the rewards and challenges of caring for relatives with incurable genetic conditions.... [Read More]
Mitochondrial donation as a clinical option: A response to Ted Morrow
29 September 2014 - by Professor Frances Flinter
Robust debate about the pros and cons of mitochondrial donation is essential, but the clinical reality of mitochondrial disorders is stark. Couples who have lost a child affected by a serious maternally-inherited mitochondrial disorder may have limited reproductive options... [Read More]
Funding for NHS genetic services in the UK
15 October 2007 - by Professor Frances Flinter
The Human Genetics Commission (HGC) is an independent body, which was established in 1999. Its role is to consider the ethical, social and legal implications of advances in human genetics, to listen to the public and to advise ministers on what, if anything, the government needs to do. The appointed... [Read More]