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Does cannabis really improve sperm counts? The data to date
11 March 2019 - by Professor Sheena Lewis
The study published last month by Dr Jorge Chavarro's group at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts was indeed a 'surprise study' given the plethora of papers showing contradictory effects... [Read More]
Men are not getting adequate care for infertility
8 October 2018 - by Professor Sheena Lewis
There has been much media interest in male infertility care this year, but two major issues have stood out. The first is the inadequacy of care for the man, from incomplete diagnosis to non-information about his treatment choices. The second is the use of a vulnerable woman to undergo invasive fertility treatment in order to treat a third party – her male partner. This is unparalleled in other branches of medicine... [Read More]
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...?
23 June 2014 - by Professor Sheena Lewis
Over the past couple of weeks we've been hit with news reports about cannabis being bad for sperm (but tobacco and alcohol not having much effect) and mobile phones also being potentially damaging. Here, I want to look at the strengths, weaknesses and implications of the papers behind the headlines... [Read More]