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Painkillers during pregnancy reduce fertility of offspring in rats
1 February 2016 - by Fiona Ibanichuka
Scientists have discovered that the use of painkillers during pregnancy in rats may reduce the fertility of their offspring... [Read More]
US scientists clash with Indian health officials over swine flu mutations
23 March 2015 - by Fiona Ibanichuka
A dispute has arisen between US scientists and Indian health officials over the virulence of the H1N1 swine flu virus... [Read More]
Flu virus mutations leave vaccines ineffective
8 December 2014 - by Fiona Ibanichuka
The US Centers for Disease Control has released a health advisory warning clinicians that flu vaccines will have diminished effectiveness against one strain currently circulating in the US as it has mutated to become resistant... [Read More]
Gene mutation makes worms immune to alcohol
21 July 2014 - by Fiona Ibanichuka
Genetically mutated worms, unable to become intoxicated by alcohol, have been created by neuroscientists... [Read More]