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BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Roger Sturmey:

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Making embryos: a new way?
19 April 2021 - by Dr Roger Sturmey
Recently there have been some phenomenal reports describing the ability to generate human embryo-like entities directly from stem cells, circumventing the need for eggs and sperm... [Read More]
Turning back the ticking clock: Could we? Should we?
1 August 2016 - by Dr Roger Sturmey
Reports that scientists in Greece have rejuvenated ovaries in perimenopausal women is potentially very exciting. However, there remain significant questions about this research... [Read More]
Mitochondrial transfer and three-person IVF: What's in a name?
24 February 2014 - by Dr Roger Sturmey
The description of mitochondrial transfer as 'three-person IVF' may conjure up some unnerving perceptions of the consequences, and may be met in the public arena with discomfort, but it's worth considering the fundamental aspects of this approach... [Read More]