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BioNews Review articles written by Amy Reed:

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Book Review: Katherine Carlyle
21 March 2016 - by Amy Reed
Rupert Thomson's beautiful and powerful writing rests on a flimsy plot about a woman's journey from frozen embryo to lost adult... [Read More]
Radio Review: One to One - Jane Hill Meets Caroline Harding
28 April 2014 - by Amy Reed
In two poignant interviews for the One to One series on BBC Radio 4, Jane Hill first meets mother of three, Caroline Harding. Caroline has not one, but two children with the genetic disorder, hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED).... [Read More]
Radio Review: The Life Scientific - Professor Veronica van Heyningen
7 April 2014 - by Amy Reed
In this week's episode of The Life Scientific, presenter (and physicist) Professor Jim Al-Khalili interviews the recently retired geneticist and discoverer of the PAX6 gene, Professor Veronica van Heyningen.... [Read More]
Book Review: Intrusion
2 December 2013 - by Amy Reed
How much of a child's health and wellbeing should depend on the parents? When is it acceptable for this to come under state control? These are the questions presented to the reader in Ken Macleod's dystopian novel, 'Intrusion'... [Read More]