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DNA sequencing gives insight into deadly MERS virus
23 September 2013 - by Lanay Tierney
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, a potentially lethal respiratory virus first identified last year in Saudi Arabia, may be transmitted by jumping repeatedly from animals to humans, DNA sequencing suggests... [Read More]
Gene therapy repairs heart attack damage
27 August 2013 - by Lanay Tierney
Researchers have concocted a 'gene cocktail' that may help to turn scar tissue into functioning cardiac cells after a heart attack... [Read More]
Scientists call for more mutant bird flu experiments
12 August 2013 - by Lanay Tierney
Two scientists behind a controversial H5N1 avian flu publication last year, which deliberately modified the virus to become more transmissible to humans, hope to perform similar experiments on a new flu strain... [Read More]
Stem cell firm ReNeuron sets up in Wales after £13m government investment
29 July 2013 - by Lanay Tierney
UK biotech company ReNeuron is to relocate to Wales after securing £7.8m in grants and £5m equity investment from the Welsh government... [Read More]