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Book Review: Altruism Reconsidered - Exploring New Approaches to Property in Human Tissue
4 April 2011 - by Naomi Moskovic
This book, developed from PROPEUR, a European research project on 'Property Regulation in Science, Ethics and Law', consists of nineteen contributors, including the editors, from different European countries and of different disciplines (mostly in natural science, law or philosophy). This diversity causes what is described in the initial acknowledgments as a 'positive confusion' not only because of the number and complexity of the issues raised, but also because of the large number of language..
Book Review: Test Tube Families
16 August 2010 - by Naomi Moskovic
This book is written by a lawyer who is both an expert in family law, and also, as she puts it herself 'a player in the fertility game'. Cahn is a research Professor of Law at Washington University Law School, and this book examines the position under US law.
Book Review: The Language of Life - DNA and the Revolution in Personalised Medicine
24 May 2010 - by Naomi Moskovic
The author of this book was head of the Human Genome Project at the time when the pioneering work to sequence the human genome was carried out. Furthermore, the cover of the paperback carries an endorsement of his work from no less than Barack Obama. So this is an important book... [Read More]