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BioNews News articles written by Richard Fadok:

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Whole genome sequencing promises improved autism genetics research
15 July 2013 - by Richard Fadok
Whole genome sequencing suggests that around half of all people with autism may be carriers of genes already associated with the condition... [Read More]
Human embryonic stem cell study under investigation
28 May 2013 - by Richard Fadok
A group of anonymous scientists has voiced concerns about a controversial stem cell finding published online in Cell earlier this month, causing the journal to begin an investigation... [Read More]
Human stem cells treat nerve disorder in mouse study
11 February 2013 - by Richard Fadok
Brain cells engineered from human skin tissue have successfully treated laboratory mice with a deadly nerve disorder with similarities to multiple sclerosis... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Richard Fadok:

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Podcast Review: Naked Genetics - Beautiful Otherness
22 April 2013 - by Richard Fadok
For a self-described 'look inside your genes', this programme did what it set out to accomplish but ultimately obscured the real complexity of autism spectrum disorders... [Read More]